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started by: John

Posted by John on May 27 2004,05:42
< >

Ibiblio has many mirrors so, eventually we should have many places to download from.

If you package an application to work with the myDSL system post a new thread about it and we'll get it into the repository.  If you want to keep your server download location private, just contact Robert or me with the download info.

Posted by frodo on May 27 2004,11:49
Cool even DOOM now i need sound for my laptop 770z please anyone get this problem fixed for me I want to be with linux and not win2000

I have some requests

I want these games to work in dsl linux also

* Doom 2 (well if 1 works 2 also)
* Heretic 1 (Is a nice brother of doom)
* Hexen 1 (Is also a relative)
And emulators for Sega gamegear, master system and
if possible megadrive and any emulator about Nintendo
machines like gameboy for example

I know theres duke 3d but i don't want that for now

Oh and in aplications

* I want MSN I'll try amsn now after using win2000
* We need ICQ but we have some right!
* Pov-ray 3.5 console
* Ldraw (see < > and ldglite search in

I think that's all in my wanted
about my requests i don't mind if u all tell me to
get lost but I beg u all please fix my sound problem.

Oh last thing I have 128MB is it possible to
remaster the cd once i load the cd with
a game or an application?

ISO  + Mydsl software?

Thx your all great I think more than M$ tech support

Posted by ripcrd6 on May 27 2004,15:44
Those are some tall orders for a minimal distro like DSL.  And what the hell do you mean by wanting MSN packaged?  You mean msn messenger?  If so , you want a package for GAIM, it handles msn and icq protocols, as well as aim.  It does irc too and would be better than the naim client currently on DSL, but a lot bigger.

As for the sound on your IBM Thinkpad 770z  look here: < > .   Did you at least google first before asking?  A more appropriate way of asking would be to say, I have this make/model of laptop with this sound chip, I've tried this module with these parameters and this config tool, and I got these errors or observed this behavior.  Then we don't all have to assume what you've done or tried.  That said, I stipp have a laptop w/ an OPL3sax chip in it that does not work in linux.  I have followed the OSS howto and the alsa howto.  I've also tried to compile support in the kernel for the sound driver.  NO joy.  I have tried to add boot parameters of lilo according to the howto files.  Didn't work.  This was on a Gateway Solo 2300 and the same chip in a IBM Thinkpad 380Z.

Posted by PhrozenFear on May 27 2004,16:15
These two replies would've been better suited in the Suggestions board...
Posted by cbagger01 on May 27 2004,16:26

Thanks for setting up the myDSL user repository.

Hopefully, once I get my new computer up and running (Dell Poweredge 400SC Pentium 4 2.8GHz with 800MHz FSB and hyperthreading with free shipping for US $399.99) I will be able to spend some time and build a few more *.dsl's that are on my todo list.



Posted by pvb on May 28 2004,04:43
Hi John.

I was wondering if you could add a boot option that turned off the myDSL packages. If I have to boot up a system with limited resources, I don't want my firefox install taking up room on the ramdrive. I don't want to carry two versions of the boot cd with me. One base, and one custom.

something like this maybe:

Keep up the good work.

Posted by John on May 28 2004,05:22
pvb, Robert has already put some time into this, expect that option in 0.7.1.

cbagger01, we're all looking forward to them.

Posted by PhrozenFear on May 29 2004,05:18
If I could get my hands on another PC, I'd gladly put in time on this.

However, the last time I did, I ended up with an extension that didn't work - you'd install it, and then it wouldn't work.  =\  Looks like Java's still gotta be downloaded...

Posted by ke4nt1 on May 29 2004,15:12
Well, don't quit now !!

Sounds like you've already made progress on it...
If you can install it, you can rebuild it into a .dsl extension...


Posted by Rapidweather on May 29 2004,21:24
About using DSL with Dell computers.
I have one, and for some reason, if you put a /knoppix folder on the hard drive,
a boot floppy cannot find it.
Dell uses /dev/hde2 for winXP, and /dev/hde1 for the restore (accessed by the cd dell gives you)
Apparently Knoppix cannot find the /knoppix on /dev/hde2.
Could it be that Microsoft and Dell came up with this setup so no Knoppix could
be run in this manner?
Not to worry, one can still boot from the Damn Small CD, and then "knoppix restore toram" for maximum performance. That will prevent the Damn Small CD from being ejected each time you power down. Just set the boot order to CDROM->Hard Drive
I do this anyway, as it is faster on machines that have enough ram than booting from a floppy to access a /knoppix folder on the hard drive.
Also, there is a dsl extension (somewhere) that allows a /home/damnsmall/.xserverrc to be automatically placed in /home/damnsmall so you do not have to do the choices each time you boot the Dell.
(Xserver, mouse, screen size and resolution)
This can also be done in a remaster.

Posted by roberts on May 30 2004,02:44
Also, there is a dsl extension (somewhere) that allows a /home/damnsmall/.xserverrc to be automatically placed in /home/damnsmall so you do not have to do the choices each time you boot the Dell.
(Xserver, mouse, screen size and resolution)

I know that you know how to separate out parts of your filetool.lst. You have stated that you have done such with firefox. Now, one's .xserverrc is very specific to one's system. So it would not be something to download from the Repository. In fact, it would not even be a dsl. It would be a .tar.gz with only one file in it, /home/damnsmall/.xserverrc.  Call it myXsetup.tar.gz and place it on the myDSL partition. This is the easiest "personal extension" to create.

Posted by PhrozenFear on May 30 2004,03:29
That's a nice idea...  In fact, I did that for my entire .xtdesktop - called it myXdesktop.tar.gz.  Works like a charm.
ke4nt, I've tried my best to make it work, but I can't find a syslog that tells me where everything for this java thing installs to.

Roberts, John, any of you know how to setup a syslog so that I can tell what's changed on the filesystem when I install something ?

Posted by roberts on May 30 2004,12:26
syslog should be running if on hard drive install. For liveCD you car start it. sudo syslogd.
Also you can use the gnu find command. Look up the man page for more details. Say using the cmin option.

Posted by PhrozenFear on June 02 2004,04:46
Which would be under /var/log/syslog, correct ?

Sometimes I hate my stupidity...

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