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started by: alok

Posted by alok on June 04 2004,03:27
i just looked at the mkmydsl script i don't really get it do i just add the .dsl files to the root or the cd is taht all teh script does... so i could just do a multisession cd burn the iso then add the .dsl files to the root of teh cd
Posted by ke4nt1 on June 04 2004,05:48
Yes, that is what I do, if you want them all on one disk
First session, burn the .iso image to the disk.
DO NOT FINALIZE - usually disk-at-once/session-at-once.

Then, burn a second session, adding the /optional directory for
.dsl extensions you want to access from the menu, like Quake2, etc.
Place the ones you want installed at boot time
in the / of the disk, like Firefox, or dpkg-dsl, or a theme...

After the second session is done, reboot, and you should be good to go!

Of course, if you are on your own box, use the mydsl-load command in the cli,
or, the mydsl-load button in emelfm to load those .dsl extensions on command,
no matter WHERE they are stored.
USB, HDB, HDA, CDR, anywhere you can mount!

Burn ONLY the pristine 0.7.1 on the cdr,
and have the .dsl extensions tucked away somewhere...CDR? CF? HD?
When new extensions are uploaded, simply add them to your .dsl stash.

Then, when 0.7.2 comes out next, you are already Ready-To-Go !
Just reboot from the new iso burn..
And your base cdr is ready to run stock on most all hardware configs.
Old pentiums, Low ram boxes, etc.. Just no-tellin when you'll need a
base DSL cdr...!!


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