3 new  P2P  mydsl  extensions to play   :-)

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Topic: 3 new  P2P  mydsl  extensions to play   :-)
started by: henrique

Posted by henrique on June 08 2004,18:27
Hi all !

Share files is a  wonderful thing to do when surfing on the net !

Now we have 3  ways to do it :-)

1- Giftui (Fasttrack and Gnutella)

< http://www.fotoboto.hpg.ig.com.br/pote/henrique/gift.dsl >

2- Xmule (edonkey)

< http://www.fotoboto.hpg.ig.com.br/pote/henrique/xmule.dsl >

3-Bittorrent (graphical script from Kurumin, includes Python and xdialog)

< http://www.fotoboto.hpg.ig.com.br/pote/henrique/bittorrent.dsl >

Obs: Gift comes with a default configuration, if it fails click on Gift-Setup)

Have fun ! ;-)

Posted by l0st on June 09 2004,08:06
Tried it, all three don't work. I applaud you for the effort though. DSL does seriously need these apps : D
Posted by henrique on June 09 2004,12:54
I re-downloaded the 3 files back and tested it in a clean DSL 0.7.1 runing from cd

all the 3 worked fine and I could download  mp3 of Madonna (good to test) from all networks and start a download with bittorrent

the default configuration works to me but it can vary depending you are behind a firewall and the opened  ports. Gnutella in special is sometimes slowly to connect. Try gift-setup at the command prompt

Good luck to everybody and happy downloading !

(sorry for my broken english)

Posted by agus on Aug. 24 2005,17:28
There is no tab for setting proxy connection in xMule.  How do I connect thru proxy server in xMule ?
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