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Topic: .deb & .dsl files how to
started by: dishfiebre

Posted by dishfiebre on May 29 2004,02:51
I just installed DSL on my Hard Drive and need to know hoe to deal with downloaded .deb and .dsl files. All I get when ckick on them is a dialog box asking me what to do, but none seem to define the installation procedure.

Posted by alochin on May 29 2004,06:38
For a *.deb package, I use dpkg -i *.deb

I tried it for *.dsl, but it does not work (it complains it's not a debian package).

We need help here.

Posted by cbagger01 on May 29 2004,06:43
Try this for *.dsl:

sudo su
tar -C / -zxvf filename.dsl

You will need to manually edit your Fluxbox menu if you want to add a menu item for your new program.

Good Luck.

Posted by alochin on May 29 2004,07:16
Thanks cbagger.
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