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Topic: New Extensions in Testing - 11/2004
started by: ke4nt1

Posted by ke4nt1 on Nov. 02 2004,00:29
New extensions to test , use , and share with friends ...

These can be found in the "testing" area until feedback is received.

qtparted.dsl ( factored - use with gtk2.dsl ONLY )

11/09/2004 ( what? )  <-- 8 days?
autoscan-gtk2-0.93beta.dsl ( requires gtk2.dsl )

webmin-gtk2-1.160.dsl ( requires gtk2.dsl )

nedit.tar.gz ( version 5.5 )


(its in the "apps" section, as it is well tested)



11/27/2004 {EDITED}
easytag-1.0.dsl ( the old/stable version )

Changed from the 0.18 version,
and dropped the gtk2 version,
since this one now offers freedb usage.

gimp-gtk2-2.0.4.dsl ( requires gtk2.dsl )

nvu-gtk2-0.50.dsl ( requires gtk2.dsl )

A suggestion was make for some quick links.
Remember, you can click on the words "Date" and "Application"
to change the sort order of these lists...
Click here for the myDSL repository.
< >
Click here for the "mydsl_testing" area. (beta)
< >


Posted by l0st on Nov. 02 2004,12:48
Wouldn't < Gparted > do much better than gtparted? It's already in GTK (unsure of version but definitely not 2), and does pretty much the same thing.
Posted by ke4nt1 on Nov. 02 2004,13:53
It would be a welcome addition to the DSL data banks.
Please feel free to contribute it to the repository ..
Send it to ' extensions [at] damnsmalllinux [dot] org ' .


Posted by newOldUser on Nov. 07 2004,14:56
Installed GTK2.dsl and GTPARTED.dsl in that order...

I have DSL installed on hard drive HDC1

I was logged in as root.  When I ran QTPARTED it worked just fine.

I have DSL installed on an older machine.  133mhz pentium, 80megs of memory, 3 hard drives (all less than 4gig in size) and a 2x cd burner. Hard drives and burner are all IDE.

I was able to resize, add and delete partitions on multiple drives. Nice graphical front end.

This will be a great addition to a "rescue cd".

Thanks for all your hard work.

Posted by ke4nt1 on Nov. 10 2004,00:49
I found this today at    AutoScan
It's beta, and still buggy, but it was so cool I had to pass it on.
Similar to LanNetScan or LanGuard Lan Scanner...

It wants Gnome 2.4
It wants GTK 2.x
It wants Firefox
It wants Samba
It wants many, many libs..

I "starved" it and left out the Firefox and Gnome/bonobo .
The gtk and many libs are supplied by the gtk2.dsl
The "samba" is still in there , so don't install the samba.dsl
over it, as I have not tested this overwrite yet..

I may need to point a path to firefox.tar.gz in the future,
and I will try to use the samba.dsl as well..
It gets nasty when you have to have so many "dsl dependencies"
in order to run an app..   The gtk2.dsl is enough of a dependency already.

It's in the "mydsl_testing" area .
Feedback welcomed..
..please feel free to tweak any command-line options,
or add/subtract whatever you find to make it more stable.
This would be a nice addition to the toolbelt..
( wonder if it can be built to run in gtk1.2? )


Posted by ke4nt1 on Nov. 11 2004,00:49
By request...
A working webmin for DSL..


beta - testing - caution - red sector - warning
Truly folks, you could really get into some hairy messes with this.

It's in the "testing" area..

I'd place a link , but then you wouldn't even go into
the "testing" area , and check out all the other goodies !

Folks, the login userid/passwd is:      root:root
Change it BEFORE you try to open this to your lan/WWW.
Only accessible from htps://localhost:10000 when first installed.
Recommended to use firefox for admin duties..
Handles SSL and certificates much better than other options.

I originally downloaded the webmin.tar.gz from
but it had no openssl in it..  scratch that, I used the one
found in the Debian apt-get unstable repository..

Feedback welcomed.


Posted by ke4nt1 on Nov. 11 2004,21:41
..added a basic nedit.tar.gz with menu and icon load..

It's in the "testing" area.
Another fav to play with..

Used to be in DSL back in the 0.4.x series..


Posted by ke4nt1 on Nov. 17 2004,04:49
Updated - 11/17/2004 - ke4nt

added - tinyfugue.tar.gz


Posted by ico2 on Nov. 18 2004,21:02
*goes to find out wtf tinyfugue.tar.gz is simply out of curiosity*
Posted by ke4nt1 on Nov. 19 2004,22:27
Updated - 11/19/2004 - ke4nt

ted.dsl is in the "apps" section of the repository


Posted by ico2 on Nov. 20 2004,23:05
whooooot, ted.dsl, now those nutcases that don't like PW cannot complain any more :) :)
maybe an abs.dsl is in order for those that cannot live with siag :)

Posted by Delboy on Nov. 21 2004,11:53
This nutcase maintains that a word processor which doesn't allow you to cut and paste or even copy is absolutely USELESS - not a word processor at all - good for a two line letter I suppose.  I am pleased that SIAG spreadsheet is now included because ABS wasn't that great anyway - lets not confuse the issue.
Posted by ke4nt1 on Nov. 25 2004,20:42
Updated - 11/25/2004 - ke4nt

wmdrawer.dsl ( it is in the "testing" area )

edit/REM the /home/dsl/.wmdrawerrc as needed ..
I left it fat , as it's easier to REM than ADD .
For autostarting, place this text in your /home/dsl/.xinitrc file

wmdrawer &

I put it right before the fluxbox line, so it loads last, right before X starts.

Also, in your /home/dsl , there are 3 icons I threw together in Gimp.
Edit your .wmdrawerrc to choose which one you like,
If you choose to keep them somewhere else,
add the path to your [images_paths] portion .


Posted by ke4nt1 on Nov. 27 2004,20:34
updated - 11/27/2004 - ke4nt


This one is gtk+ friendly, and has freedb connectivity.

Posted by ke4nt1 on Nov. 27 2004,21:50
updated - 11/27/2004 - ke4nt

gimp-gtk2-2.0.4.dsl ( this requires gtk2.dsl )
It's in the 'testing' area..


Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Nov. 27 2004,22:05
woo! thanks kent. youdaman!!
Posted by ico2 on Nov. 27 2004,22:19
*goes to find out what easytag-1.0.dsl is*
Posted by ico2 on Nov. 27 2004,22:22
hmmmmmmmm, looks interesting, but maybe too big to be worth it?

wmdrawer is definately welcome :)

Posted by ke4nt1 on Nov. 28 2004,10:03
Updated - 11/28/2004 - ke4nt

nvu-gtk2-0.50.dsl ( requires gtk2.dsl )
A wysiwyg HTML Editor..


Posted by ico2 on Nov. 29 2004,15:23
nvu looks useful, i might download it later :)
Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on Sep. 15 2005,05:43
kent, I just tried nvu, and it crashes when you go to open a file.

gtk2-0705 is installed, as was gnu-utils, running liveCD v1.5 toram on an XP2400+ with 512MB RAM.

It lauches fine, but on hitting either the "open" button or doing the same through the menu, it simply disappears, no warning, no feedback.

Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 17 2005,03:53
I just booted a fresh DSL 1.5 LiveCD, added gnu-utils.dsl, added gtk-0705.dsl,
ran "Update-to-GTK2" from the MyDSL menu, added nvu-gtk2-0.50.dsl,
then ran it. Opens up my /opt/monkey/htdocs/index.html just fine,
from both "File,Open" , or the "open" button ..

Can you duplicate my exact steps, and see if yours crashes still?
Don't load any other extensions at boottime or mydsl..

Boot with " dsl dma toram base norestore "
This will give you a clean, pristine bootup to start from,
regardless of whether you have a mydsl area, or a backup.tar.gz lying around.


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