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Topic: Can't save myDSL apps and conf files
started by: tapi

Posted by tapi on April 04 2005,00:22
I'm using DSL-1.0-rc2 on my usb pen drive, i never had any problem before.
But when i reboot i get an error message when DSL tries to save configuration files and myDSL extensions. The message should look like that (the computer reboots a short time after the message appears) :

[1] Broken pipe tar -C / -T $HOME/filetool.lst (some obscur stuff) > $MOUNTPOINT/backup.tar.gz

My bootparams are :

dsl toram lang=fr dma restore=sda1 mydsl=sda1

I succesfully saved the configuration files by tar-ing all the files listed in filetool.lst in /mnt/sda1/backup.tar.gz but i have to reinstall the myDSL apps manually each time i reboot...
Does anyone have an idea ?
Thx :)

Posted by cbagger01 on April 04 2005,04:03
Does adding


to the end of your boot param list help?

Posted by rpcyan on Aug. 09 2005,18:33
i have the same problem.  running as frugal doesn't solve it.  any other ideas?
Posted by rpcyan on Aug. 12 2005,14:19
Managed to solve my own problem after spending a number of hours on it.

Running DSL on a USB thumbdrive w/ that has only a single partition (i.e. sda1). USB-HDD boot type, although I don't think that matters to this problem.

Anyway, sda1 needs to be unmounted prior to shutdown for the backup to work.  For anybody experiencing these problems, here's the solution:

1) rename your backup.tar.gz to something without a .tar.gz extension (if you can afford to delete it you might as well since we have to replace it)

2) reboot so you have a "backup free" environment.

3) edit /opt/ to unmount /mnt/sda1 prior to backup

4) reboot; new backup.tar.gz will be created and one will not end up with "broken pipe" error messages on shutdown

A helpful hint: I cleaned out the and so all they do is call to scripts on sda1 ( obviously mounts sda1 prior to calling it).  That way I can modify the scripts regardless of whether the backup.tar.gz is working and I don't have to remaster the KNOPPIX image.

I hope this helps people out; I was unable to find any relevant posts on this isue previously.

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