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started by: Whachucallme

Posted by Whachucallme on June 05 2005,10:28

I'm trying to hide a program running so i tryed to put it in an other terminal (that failed) is there a special extention needed to use the screen command? (< >)

or is there an other way to run a program in an other terminal?

Posted by mikshaw on June 05 2005,14:14
I built a screen extension a few months ago.  It needs some special work done before it will run as a normal user, so i haven't decided whether or not to submit to the repository.

There is also the possibility (if you are in x) to open a new xterm with the program as an argument:
rxvt -e program

Posted by Whachucallme on June 05 2005,16:57
Was there a screen extention in older versions of DSL?
I saw BootCS a few days ago and that guy used a screen extention in his script on a remasterd DSL

Posted by mikshaw on June 06 2005,02:51
I don't think screen has ever been in DSL, and as far as i know there hasn't been a screen extension.  That guy probably added the program to his remaster.
Posted by Whachucallme on June 06 2005,16:31
I just mailed Roland the creator of BootCS this was his reply


hmm yeah i think i added screen to the remaster, you just have to
install it.
Don't remember if i compiled it from source or just installed it using
the advanced package tool.


- if you know how to install it from source, get the latest version from
< > , compile it and move it
to /usr/bin (or where you like your programs to be installed),


- install it using apt, the command is:
# apt-get install screen
(Thats maybe the simpler way)


I've posted this in case anyone else wants to use the screen command :D

Posted by mikshaw on June 06 2005,20:50
Just keep in mind that if you want to run it in console in DSL as a normal user, you'll have to first give ownership of /dev/tty1 to the user (or group).  You don't need to do this to use it in an x term.
I think this is necessary because root logs into tty1 and then su's to dsl....that's just a guess, though.

Posted by Ruthje on Aug. 12 2005,14:25
I have just installed screen with apt-get and made a .dsl and everything is working fine for the things I want to do with it. I use it for controlling mp3blaster with putty from a windows box. With screen i can shutdown putty and re-acces mp3blaster at any time at any place  :)
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