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Topic: WMWifi not working
started by: Harryc

Posted by Harryc on July 13 2005,09:47
WMwifi.dsl installs but then it won't start. I see it in the dock for a split second then it closes. Any ideas? This is on a HD install.
Posted by hs7sv on Aug. 25 2005,08:36
Please try WMwifi.tar.gz (Version 0.5) in mydsl_testing and let us know the result. This is wmwifi.tar.gz.md5.txt:-

5bce37886a146f15bd0db812c03155ba  wmwifi.tar.gz

Posted by ke4nt1 on Aug. 25 2005,14:14
My guess is that you will have to enable apm in your bootline for wmwifi to work.
Normally, DSL defaults to noapm as one of it's boot options.

Try running it from a shell to see any feedback ..


Posted by spring on Aug. 26 2005,16:36
  thank you for your infomation of the wmwifi.tar.gz, it works fine in my laptop. So does wmnetload.dsl

dell x300
linksys wpc54g pc card
linksys wrt54g router

Posted by Hemingray on Aug. 27 2005,18:54
Will WMWifi support my Linksys WUSB54G USB adaptor? or would I have to use an actual PCI card?
Posted by adssse on Sep. 05 2005,23:03
I was just trying WMwifi.tar.gz on my lappy and it only shows up in the slit for a second and than goes away. I ran "wmwifi" from the command line and it gives me a Segmentation fault each time. Can anyone tell me how to get this going?
Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 05 2005,23:56
Does the same thing for me,
both the old, and the new version..



Posted by hs7sv on Sep. 06 2005,08:24

Can you tell me what your Wifi card model is? What is the message when you run "iwconfig"?

Posted by adssse on Sep. 06 2005,14:38
I have a Netgear MA401 card. When run from the command line it just says 'Segmentation fault'.
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