NOTICE!! New GTK2-0705.dsl file replaces gtk2.dsl

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Topic: NOTICE!! New GTK2-0705.dsl file replaces gtk2.dsl
started by: ke4nt1

Posted by ke4nt1 on July 19 2005,05:54
Hey folks, more new apps !!

The gtk2.dsl has *finally* been upgraded !
The new file is now called gtk2-0705.dsl

I have posted all the updated apps that work with this new
gtk master file in the 'testing' area, along with the gtk2-0705.dsl


Use it the same way as before..
1. Use myDSL to install gtk2-0705.dsl
2. Run from menu, "Update to GTK2"
3. Read .info file about requirements for app you intend to install
4. Add additional gtk2 app thru myDSL as desired.

I always recommend to have gnu-utils.dsl  installed when using gtk2 apps.
I have the dsl-dpkg.dsl , along with the gnu-utils.dsl, loading at boottime.

If I receive little in the way of negative feedback here soon,
I'll migrate these out of 'testing', and into the gtk2 area quickly.

Here's the scoop...
I was able to update a whole slew of libs, to keep up with
needed changes to some of the more popular apps, like gaim, etc..
I also upgraded perl to 5.8.7 ..  and added many more new files,
while keeping the filesize about the same as before. ( 14MB's)

But the BIG difference in the apps is the new upgrades,
the resized icons for DSL-1.3.1, and the smaller app sizes !
( In Preparation for LinuxWorld Expo in August! )

Expect many more app upgrades on these items..
Much easier to do with updated libs without collisions..

Check out these numbers !!
( * indicates NEW versions )

abiword-2.0.10       11.40MB
*abiword-2.2.7          8.16MB

airsnort-0.2.6         47.48KB
*airsnort-0.2.7      103.53KB
( requires extra libpcap-0.8 )

emelfm2-1.12        441.75KB
emelfm2-1.12        418.69KB

*gaim-1.3.1             22.10MB
*gaim-1.3.1               5.61MB

gFTP-2.0.17             1005KB
gFTP-2.0.17          873.33KB

gimp-2.2.0             26.11MB
*gimp-2.2.8            12.85MB

gkrellM-2.2.2             631KB
gkrellM-2.2.2             629KB

gscore.dsl                 1.70MB
gscore-0.79           473.11KB

gtk2.dsl                  13.62MB
*gtk2-0705.dsl       14.01MB

inkscape-0.39           4.23MB
inkscape-0.39           3.83MB

moz-tbird-0.8.3      13.73MB
*moz-tbird-1.0.2     11.03MB

nvu-0.50                 31.72MB (error in building extension)
nvu-0.50                 10.99MB

pan-0.14.2               3.97MB
pan-0.14.2               2.54MB

pure-ftpd-1.0.19  226.21KB
pure-ftpd-1.0.19    89.34KB

qtparted-0.4.4        3.55MB
qtparted-0.4.4        3.33MB

tuxcmd-0.5.39         354KB
tuxcmd-0.5.39         347KB

xchat-2.4.1             4.24MB
*xchat-2.4.3            3.95MB

Old gtk2 apps w/gtk2.dsl                       139.075MB
New gtk2 apps w/gtk2-0705.dsl             79.234MB

Also added

Once I squeeze in the libbonono-ui set, and some gnome libs,
I think we'll be able to have many of the other extensions in gtk2 form.
( many gnome apps, gnumeric, etc.. )

Now, back to other extensions already contributed by the userbase..
I have about a dozen to be released shortly..


Posted by adssse on July 19 2005,13:43
Thats awesome. Thanks for all your hard work ke4nt1.
Posted by ke4nt1 on July 19 2005,17:43
I was scanning thru the 'unstable' debian repository,
and most of these apps seem to be at, or a version behind,
the latest ones available thru apt.

This is a great time to add some more extensions,
while the libs in gtk2-0705 are current.

Make a list of the contents of gtk2-0705.dsl

type in a root shell from your gtk2-0705.dsl location
"  tar -ztf gtk2-0705.dsl > list  "

Use this list to whittle down the filesizes of any new apps you build.


Posted by cbagger01 on July 19 2005,19:17

Great job, as usual!

This must have been a major undertaking.  I, for one appreciate all of the hard under-the-hood work that you do to keep things humming and improve at the same time.

Posted by damianiw on July 19 2005,22:16
wow !

thanks, one query if I specify the gtk2 update to run at start on a frugal install or hd install for that matter, can I script it to run the update off of the mydsl menu automatically (does that make sense)

thanks for your other post which made me realise where I was going wrong with Firefox 1.4

Posted by clivesay on July 19 2005,22:39
Add the gtk2 update commands to and you will be good to go.


Posted by ke4nt1 on July 20 2005,03:51
If you have the gtk2-0705.dsl in your mydsl=hdXx area,
and it is autoloading at boottime, add the line..


to your /opt/ , and it should install and update
before you even hit the desktop..


Posted by Max on July 20 2005,12:54 the new gtk2 dsl backward compatible with the remaining apps that you haven't upgraded??  Or in other words, do those apps still need the 'old' gtk2.dsl??
Posted by ke4nt1 on July 20 2005,18:00
I have upgraded or revised most of the apps
that are in the 'gtk2' section of the repository.

Those new revisions now sit in the 'testing'  area,
along with the new gtk2-0705.dsl.

Those gtk2 apps in 'testing' MUST use the newer gtk2-0705.dsl.
They are further stripped of common libs and files that could more
easily be managed and upgraded by combining them into one gtk2 file.
Trying to run these with the older gtk2.dsl will probably leave your OS
looking for libs , and causing dependancy issues.

The ones currently in the 'gtk2' area do seem to work fine for me,
using them with either the old gtk2.dsl , or the newer gtk2-0705.dsl.
( Many of the files in the current extensions are duplicated in the newer gtk2-0705.dsl file..  I would choose to use the leaner of the two..)

If you don't wish to redownload them all over again,
contact me about information on getting the extensions on a CD.

Very soon here, after a little more feedback, I will be removing all
of the contents of the current gtk2 area, and replacing them with
the files now sitting in 'testing'..


Posted by Max on July 20 2005,19:42
I've already downloaded all of the new apps specifically built for gtk2-0705.  Just wanted to make sure that some of the "un-converted" apps would run with the newer gtk-0705 without any problems.
Posted by ke4nt1 on July 20 2005,20:02
I just uploaded one of the "last" ones, gtkpod-0.93.dsl ..

The webmin app has gotten unfavorable reviews,
and is in bad need of upgrading.  I will drop this version -  1.160,
and await a contribution from someone who is more familiar with it.

I think that covers all the upgrades and revisions to the current offerings.

feedback is welcomed, but "no news" is "good news" ..


Posted by damianiw on July 20 2005,21:58
Quote (ke4nt1 @ July 19 2005,23:51)
If you have the gtk2-0705.dsl in your mydsl=hdXx area,
and it is autoloading at boottime, add the line..


to your /opt/ , and it should install and update
before you even hit the desktop..


Posted by ke4nt1 on July 21 2005,05:59
I have moved all the new gtk2 apps and the main gtk2-0705.dsl file
out of 'testing' , and into the 'gtk2' area of the repository..

Dig In!!


Posted by kopsis on July 25 2005,03:28
gtk2-0705 is working great for me, but in the process of getting Rox 2.x working I discovered that gtk2 doesn't appear to be built with SVG support. Certainly not the end of the world, but if there was some way to get SVG included it would make it possible to use some really sweet icon themes :)
Posted by doobit on July 25 2005,12:36
I have not been able to access your website. Is the address in your sig correct, or is is coded? Thanks for the great work! Can you add Tor and Privoxy?

Dan C
< >

Posted by damianiw on July 26 2005,09:57
I've noticed a problem with firefox 1.04 and I'm not sure if it happened in the old GTK2

The titlebar always displays Unnamed instead of Firefox + the webpage, this then appears in the toolbar as unnamed

Have I messed up something or are other people getting this, Im using the new GTK2 mentionned in this thread and the newest firefox 1.04 UCI

The firefox included in DSL doesn't have this problem so I don't think it's a firefox preference

Any ideas,

ps I'm also starting GTK2 as suggested here, excellent as I can go straight into firefox and others without having to load them.

Posted by damianiw on Aug. 01 2005,12:14
I've noticed this is also happening for me in GFTP, how can I make GTK2 apps show correctly in the toolbar and in their menu bar ?????
Posted by kopsis on Aug. 01 2005,15:52
I've seen the same thing in a Rox 2.x extension I've been working on. Since window titles are actually handled by the WM, I'm guessing that GTK+ 2.x is using a newer window manager API that the DSL version of Fluxbox doesn't support. However this is just pure speculation on my part. Are there any window manager experts here that could lend some insight?
Posted by ke4nt1 on Aug. 01 2005,16:17
I'm just guessing here, but follow my logic...

DSL recently changed default shells, from rxvt to aterm.
Most of the gtk2 apps I have contributed, I start with a
wrapper, something similar to start_gimp or start_gftp,
tucked inside /usr/bin.

The wrapper allows you to execute a process,
rather than open a shell, then run a process from that shell,
essentially leaving 2 shells open during the use of the app.

Also, a wrapper gives you environment options,
like exporting PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH to direct
the seek of dependancies to certain directories.

I'm thinking here that the wrappers might need more
than just #!/bin/bash to startup the apps..
Or , perhaps the aterm opens as "Unnamed" by default?

Not an answer, I know, but food for thought.

Maybe change to something like this in the wrapper
" exec aterm -tr -T "gFTP" -e /usr/bin/gftp "  ???


Posted by kopsis on Aug. 01 2005,23:56
Quote (ke4nt1 @ Aug. 01 2005,12:17)
I'm thinking here that the wrappers might need more
than just #!/bin/bash to startup the apps..
Or , perhaps the aterm opens as "Unnamed" by default?

I don't think it's the wrapper that's causing the problem since my ROX 2 extension doesn't use a wrapper to launch and exhibits the same "Unnamed" behavior.

Keep in mind that Aterm is a terminal emulator and not a shell. If you exec a shell via #!/bin/bash its process will run as a child of the process that launched it. In the case of launching from a Fluxbox menu or icon, the wrapper script will run as a child of Fluxbox and will never be associated with an Aterm window. You can confirm this by closing all your Aterm windows, launch a GTK+2 app, drop to the console (CTRL-ALT-F1), then "ps agx". You'll see no aterm processes running.

The fact is that any GTK+2 application is going to create it's own top level window in the X11 heirarchy using calls to GTK+ which in turn make calls into xlib. The window title and other WM hints are defined by the app through these APIs and are not inherited from the parent app the way environment variables and such are. So I'm still convinced that somehow we have a disconnect between GTK+2, xlib, and Fluxbox.

Posted by ke4nt1 on Aug. 02 2005,01:27
I had to test some of the observations here,
since I was not seeing the reported issue on my systems..

All of my boxen have both correct titles and toolbar names
when using the gtk2 suite of apps..

Booting into a pristine LiveCD, I now see the "Unnamed" titles..
Installing the gnu-utils.dsl seems to remove the issue for me.

Unless I'm running DSL on a low-ram box or lappy,
I always install, as a rule, the dsl-dpkg.dsl and gnu-utils.dsl extensions.
Busybox has some real limitations on large file sizes, and some other
apps ( like tar ) that are unacceptable for my daily usage.

Install gnu-utils, see if the titles now operate correctly, and feedback.
< GTK Screenshot >


Posted by kopsis on Aug. 02 2005,09:19
Ok, I tried gnu-utils and it does indeed fix the "Unnamed" problem for all the GTK2 apps I tried except my ROX2 extension. But since ROX2 is something I hacked together quickly out of .deb packages, it's likely that's the problem :)

I have to say that I'm very curious why gnu-utils fixes this?! I may have to dig into that someday.

Posted by damianiw on Aug. 02 2005,11:19

I'm downloading the GNU-Utils now

Posted by cbagger01 on Aug. 02 2005,16:52
It may be that there is a small binary or library in gnu-utils that is required by these GTK2 apps.

If so, it may be possible to wrap this file into the gtk2 extension but further testing is needed to figure out who is the culprit, although it is not what I would call a critical problem.

Some insight might also be gained by comparing the files inside the old gtk2 extension against the new gtk2 extension.

Posted by ke4nt1 on Aug. 02 2005,17:52
cbagger01 is reading my mind..    ...again...


Posted by Josh Goebel on Aug. 27 2005,17:45

What is the correct/best process for someone wanting to build additional software and link against these libraries?

Did you originall install them from debs, build from source, etc...

Of course since the file is distributable it doesn't have headers and all that good stuff needed to build new apps... and I'm not even sure of all the versions of the individual libraries you have used.

I'm wanting to build a XFCE 4.2 MyDSL.  I'm fully capable of doing it from scratch of letting Debian solve deps, but I specifically want to take advantage of the space saved by you already having one set of libraries.

Can you give me any pointers?


Posted by ke4nt1 on Aug. 28 2005,04:00

Grab the gtk2-0705.dsl, and place it in a work directory of your choice ..

Open a root shell, and 'cd' to the chosen directory containing the extension ..

Then , make a list of the contents ..

  tar -ztf gtk2-0705.dsl > list  

Scan thru the list, and get a little familiar with it's contents..
You'll see Perl 5.8.7 , gtk2 , pango, defoma, and a boocoo of libs,
and other files that I've found common to a large number of the gtk2 apps.

You can use this list to compare to whatever you build,
and factor out any matches..

Go ahead and use apt to get the XFCE for you,
but use the -d switch in your apt-get install command to make the
debs download, uninstalled, in your /var/cache/apt/archives directory.

Go there, as root, and work from there, or copy them to another
location/partition where you have ample room to expand them .

You can then use the '  dpkg-deb -x whatever.deb .  ' command to
open only the ones you find that aren't already in the gtk2-0705.dsl package.
No need to open the libc6, perl,  pango, defoma, gtk2, or other debs.

You could start with only the xfce debs, and retar the output into a
package you can loadtest..  Add only what you need until it runs..

That should get you started, anyway..

Hope that helps..


Posted by Josh Goebel on Aug. 28 2005,15:12
Should I not be worried about version mismatches?  I'm currently pointing apt to stable (sarge) and some of the packages you used are newer (are you using testing, unstable, etc?) than those that apt would install of it's own free will.

Need for concern?

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