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started by: doobit

Posted by doobit on July 22 2005,18:00
I've tried ELE, but it's less than complete. I'd like to see something as good as DSL 1.04 with TOR and Privoxy packaged to load on boot.
Posted by GRAWL on July 23 2005,05:07
hell yes -that from "me"
no -that from "dsl crowd"

Posted by GRAWL on July 23 2005,05:15
arrr here it is right off the shelf
< >
read somewhere in the comments
too slow

Posted by doobit on July 25 2005,12:52
I honestly don't care about any of that. Tor just makes it possible for a journalist to work in countries that would arrest you for looking at or sending the wrong kind of information or just for being an journalist in their country. I'm not a high school kid trying to find an anonymous way to look at .
Posted by doobit on Aug. 01 2005,21:02
I'm sorry I brought it up. I've learned a bit more now and realize I can make my own customized DSL with myDSL. ELE with the .dsl package of OO works perfectly.
Posted by PacketLost on Aug. 03 2005,19:32
Could we take the ELE tor and put it in the newest DSL?

I think this would be a great addition to a portable OS.

Posted by Blurg on Aug. 15 2005,12:14
Just finished making a very basic combined Privoxy/Tor package, and will hopefylly be submiting it soon.

Tor is compiled with a static libevent.
I have tested it on a vanilla DSL install, and everything works fine.
For now it's a tar.gz, and everything is running from /opt/

Its missing an installer script for starting at boot, and a automatic setup for firefox/dillo would be nice.

In the current version you have to launch privoxy/tor manually, and set up your proxy in the options of your app.
So shell scripters are welcome to help

I am currently fixing some general uglyness and  placement of configs
I'll try posting any progress at my Blog:
< >
*Edit: nothing in my blog yet...*

If sombody wants to be my "beta tester", PM me and I can send you my current version.
And any ideas/suggestions/tips would be appreciated.

Posted by WoofyDugfock on Aug. 23 2005,11:15
Blurg, which version of Tor did you use to build your dsl?

It's just that versions prior to apparently had a potentially serious security bug.  See below (which was reposted on alt.privacy).  

(Just in case you weren't aware of it. :=) )

Date:  Thu, 16 Jun 2005 18:15:33 -0400
From:  Roger Dingledine <>
Subject:  Security bug in 0.0.9.x Tor servers
Message-ID:  <20050616221533.GN29034@localhost.localdomain>

Hi folks,

The Tor release from a few days ago includes a fix for a bug
that might allow an attacker to read arbitrary memory (maybe even keys)
from an exit server's process space. We haven't heard any reports of
exploits yet, but hey.

So, I recommend that you all upgrade to

If you absolutely cannot upgrade yet (for example if you're the Debian Tor
packager and your distribution is too stubborn to upgrade past libevent
1.0b, which has known crash bugs), I've included a patched tarball for
the old 0.0.9 series at:
< > 0.9.10.tar.gz
< > 0.9.10.tar.gz.asc

- --Roger
Version: GnuPG v1.4.1 (MingW32)
Comment: Using GnuPG with Thunderbird - < >


Posted by Blurg on Aug. 24 2005,12:47
Thanks for the tip, I had read about that one, But keep me updated if you hear about any more bugs.

For now I have already submitted an extention with:
Tor: Privoxy: 3.0.3 and Libevent: 1.1a
Hopefully it will be aproved shortly

Posted by Blurg on Aug. 28 2005,16:28
Tor and privoxy can now be found in the my-dsl testing section.

Test it and write stuff here, or send me a pm if you have problems using it.

To set up Firefox:
go to Tools-->Options-->General-->Connection Settings-->Manual Proxy Configuration
And put the adress and port nr 8118 in http and ssl

For links:
Start it up (eg. run a shell, and type: links)
Hit F10, use the arrow keys to find Setup, down to network options, and put in the http proxy options

For dillo:
Edit the file ~/.dillo/dillorc
and put in the line:

The next version of tor should hopefully do this on load.

Also, tor and privoxy now runs as the user dsl

If anyone has ideas about the security aspects on this, please let me know.
Im thinking of making it chroot, but that wold make it dependent on the gnu-utils package...
And I'm unsure if it has any impact, as dsl is pretty hack proof as-is.

Posted by anotherUser on Oct. 02 2005,23:52
If i follow everything in your post and in the mydsl info
i get null can't resolve dns in dillo

i am not using the latest dsl

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