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Topic: zsnes-1.42.dsl
started by: jls legalize

Posted by jls legalize on Aug. 01 2005,09:40
read the title and the description.

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Posted by MethodOne on Aug. 01 2005,22:14
Did the ZSNES menu appear?  On my system, I have no problems. Try using the video modes without "O" in them (i.e. ODS).  If you still have problems, delete your config files found in /home/dsl/.zsnes and run ZSNES again.  The ones from 1.337 and 1.42 conflict with each other.
Posted by struppi on Aug. 02 2005,11:39
i got the same error and there can't be a conflict because i didn't backup any zsnes-configs.

what do you mean with 'video modes without "o"' - i can't choose any modes, because zsnes crashes before doing anything...

Posted by jls legalize on Aug. 02 2005,12:30
it works only if I onstall xfree86
Posted by ke4nt1 on Aug. 02 2005,16:09
So, does the older zsnes function without the need for openGL,
but this newer one is compiled with openGL as a requirement?

If so , I should add back in the 1.337 version, and offer both,
and update the 1.42 info file to show that this is
an XFree86-only version..


Posted by MethodOne on Aug. 02 2005,16:23
Try the extension I originally made:
< http://rapidshare.de/files/3584138/zsnes-1.42-methodone.dsl.html >

Edit:  It didn't work for me in embedded.  I was just lucky to get it running with the live CD on a system with the following specs:

667 MHz Pentium III
16MB NVIDIA Vanta gfx card

Here's a screenshot from that computer running ZSNES 1.42 and the list of video modes:
< http://img296.imageshack.us/img296/8412/zsnes142methodone8qs.png >

I didn't use xfree86 or the nvidia extensions when I built the extension.

Try this:
Download < this package > and make an extension out of it using the deb2dsl script.

If that doesn't work, you might have to use the xfree86 extension.

Posted by jls legalize on Aug. 03 2005,13:32
using < http://rapidshare.de/files/3584138/zsnes-1.42-methodone.dsl.html >
it works without needing to load XFree86.
What about joystick support?

Posted by jls legalize on Aug. 03 2005,15:30
no sorry, u need to load XFree86.dsl.
After u load XFree86.dsl u can also use xvesa

Posted by MethodOne on Aug. 30 2005,01:29
The reason I got ZSNES working without xfree86 is that I had dosbox.dsl loaded.  Here's something from the dosbox info:

Contains the libGL.so.1 and libGL.so.1.2 files
from the XFree86.dsl, so it doesnt require Xfree,
but you may experience problems with the
nvidia accelerated drivers.
If you do, remove the files at /usr/lib/libGL.so.1
and /usr/lib/libGL.so.1.2 and reload Xfree86.dsl.
(I have not had this problem)

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