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Topic: Vanishing myDSL menu entries
started by: alexph

Posted by alexph on Aug. 10 2005,16:14
I installed bcm5700.tar.gz (ethernet drivers for DSL)

<;t=8028 >

Initially after every boot into DSL a menu entry appeared:

"myDSL -> initialize Broadcom 5700"

..this entry no longer exists, yet the tarball is installed to /opt correctly on bootup.

I'm guessing this has something to do with backup/restore - I'd like the menu entry back (somehow the dynamic element of fluxbox menu is being discarded?!)

Posted by mstrhelix on Aug. 10 2005,18:03
Did you do a backup restore after installing the package?

I would try mydsl-load pkgname.tar.gz

and then backup. What device are you backing up to? /dev/hda

Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 11 2005,02:59
If .fluxbox/menu is in your backup, and does not already include the broadcom entry, it won't appear in the menu by the time you log in.
What I assume is happening is you have the myDSL loading automatically, which adds the menu item, but then the backed-up menu is overwriting the newly-edited one.
If you add home/dsl/.fluxbox/menu to .xfiletool.lst you may fix the problem (this will prevent the menu from being added to the backup).

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