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Topic: .UCI apps requests.. ideas..
started by: Taino

Posted by Taino on Aug. 11 2005,03:03
Hey all :)

I know .uci apps are special versions of apps for DSL that load and run in ram, im not exactly sure how these are made and i was wondering if someone could make one of a small program available for Linux called the "< Uptime-Project >"??

< Here > is the link to that project and < Here > is the link to the project files for all the clients.. Its a pretty small application i was wondering if someone could turn the linux version into a DSL .uci ?? Also you can make teams for this Uptime-Project they have, maybe the the project leaders of DSL would consider making a DSL team on the Uptime-Project site and we the user base could all join? its just all for fun and stuff. :)

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