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Topic: error: Read-only filesystem when loading
started by: sbridger

Posted by sbridger on Aug. 15 2005,10:26
I have made an extension  BLAH.tar.gz, with only a single app in it, in the subdir
when DSL starts I get the message:

Checking for MyDsl apps.... BLAHtar: usr/bin/blah: Read-only filesystem.

At the same time it loads dosbox.dsl OK
Dosbox also seems to load files into usr/bin

Any ideas what I have done wrong?

Posted by adraker on Aug. 15 2005,12:05
What happens if you rename it BLAH.dsl ?
I recall something about .dsl extension opening ro
areas for writing...

Posted by adssse on Aug. 15 2005,13:30
Might this have anything to do with the permissions?
Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 15 2005,14:02
I think adraker has the right idea.  The majority of the filesystem begins as read-only...a series of links to /KNOPPIX/*.  Loading a myDSL app with a .dsl filename will run /etc/init.d/mkwriteable, replacing the symlinks with writeable directories.  Extentions with .tar.gz and .uci filenames do not run mkwriteable, and therefore should not contain files that need to be loaded into /bin, /usr, or /sbin.  It will work once a .dsl extension is loaded, but is still an incorrectly named extension.
Posted by sbridger on Aug. 17 2005,08:47
Changing the extension to .dsl worked, thanks

Now I have to get the links going.

What I want to do is run the (console) application in aterm, but have aterm remain running when the app has finished so the at user can run it again, do something else etc
What happens is that as soon as the app finishes aterm closes.

Any ideas on how to do this?

Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 17 2005,13:25
I'm sure there must be a way, although i haven't seen it.  There's nothing built into aterm that will do it, so it would need to be a bash built-in or some other command that takes aterm as an argument.

Anything wrong with just starting aterm without links?  I always have at least one aterm open, for use with miscellaneous console apps.

Posted by sbridger on Aug. 20 2005,01:51
The point is that the user wants to run the application, then see the result.

He doesn't know how to run it: that is why there is a link or icon.

If it exits without displaying the result then it's a bit pointless.

I can get something like it with a script file, but it's a very complicated way to do something obvious, and it doesn't work properly anyway.

I suppose that it should really be a bash option....

Posted by adraker on Aug. 20 2005,08:46
I can't see how to pass a command to aterm, which then terminates,
and still keeps the child terminal alive.
But I did have a lame-o idea.
How about just using the .lnk to pass instruction to the user
in the title bar of aterm and just start aterm.
You could make it catch the eye, along the lines of -

Command: aterm -T "!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE TYPE IN 'BLAHbinary', AND PRESS ENTER TO RUN PROGRAM !!!!!!!!!!" -e /bin/bash
Icon: .xtedesktop/BLAH.png

There is plenty of room......
Yes it's lame.....
Just a thought.

Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 20 2005,15:04
You say the script doesn't work?
What about something like this:
Code Sample

exec bash

Then launch the script with aterm -e scriptname

Posted by sbridger on Aug. 21 2005,05:15
Yes that is what I have done. Also I append to the history file so that it is correctly in the history.

echo "progname" >>/home/dsl/.bash_history

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