requesting a mydsl.....a PIM please

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Topic: requesting a mydsl.....a PIM please
started by: torp

Posted by torp on Aug. 17 2005,14:18
Hey would love to have a mydsl of a PIM. Not real sure what is out there that is small enough, but I need to replace the contact management, scheduling, and calendar functions of Outlook, hopefully in one package, vice several smapp apps.
Is possible?


Posted by torp on Aug. 19 2005,12:08
looks like I found what I need in iscribe. Tell testing but looks good do far....


Posted by cbagger01 on Aug. 19 2005,21:23
Once upon a time, I was going to make a myDSL extension for blackbook, a nice tiny GTK1 based PIM program.  I don't see it in the repository, so I must have never followed through.

However, it is possible to use Enable APT or Synaptic to install the "blackbook" package.

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