having to reinstall extensions when i restart

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Topic: having to reinstall extensions when i restart
started by: travis

Posted by travis on Aug. 18 2005,23:56
I am trying to use the latest version of Blender, available in the 'testing' extensions. Every time I restart the computer, the Blender option is still there but it doesn't work and I have to reinstall from the .uci. (it adds additional blender entries to the menu, which I have to edit the file to delete)

I am working in a HD Install, not running off the CD.

I am extreamly new to Linux and DSL. I hope I have given enough info to get some help.



Posted by adssse on Aug. 19 2005,01:49
I dont specifically know how to help but I believe that for the hd installs it is recommended that you use apt-get for applications, where as a frugal install works extremely well with the dsl extensions.
Posted by ke4nt1 on Aug. 19 2005,02:07
The extensions are designed for use in a frugal , pendrive,
or liveCD environment.

The .uci's act like a cdrom.  You "mount" them, instead of installing them..

Open emelfm, highlight the .uci extension, and click the mydsl button.
You should see a message about the extension being 'successfully mounted' ..
Click the same button again, and the message changes to 'unmounted' ..

This works great in a frugal/liveCD environment, and makes for easy
package management..  Also uses much less ram than a typical
extension installed to your ramspace.

With a HDInstall , things are more permanent..
So you may still see icons, menus, etc..   but the actual app
does not remount automatically..  you need to remount it as usual..

The .tar.gz  and .dsl style of extensions are more 'permanent' ,
and may work better for you in a HDInstall system.

Again, as stated, DSL recommends the use of apt-get to install
applications, so that you have some means of uninstalling ( package mgmt.)
when using a typical HDInstall ..

Truly, a frugal install to your hard drive will have more speed,
and higher levels of performance, than the 'old school' style of
a typical hard drive install, if you have the ram to support it.

Read thru the forums for more info on all the advantages of frugal installs.


Posted by travis on Aug. 19 2005,22:27
thanks for the replies. i don't know anything about the frugal install. from the sound of it, i thought it was for 'less space' or something (frugal = conservative?)

i'll check it out.

Posted by ML on Aug. 22 2005,12:42
I have successfully boot DSL from the pendrive and downloaded some of the extension program. However the programs are not there everytime I reboot the pendrive. I also have type in the option dsl mydsl=sda1 but the extension are still not there.

Can the USB pendrive installation script be configure to save the extension program in the pendrive and make them available in the nest boot up.

Posted by adssse on Aug. 22 2005,13:25
Do you mean the extensions themselves are not there, or they are not showing up in the menu?

If they are just not showing up, are your extensions saved in the root directory of sda1? Thats where the dsl mydsl=sda1 option will look.

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