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Topic: frugal, menu is now empty
started by: travis

Posted by travis on Aug. 20 2005,18:45
I just forged ahead with  my first  ever frugal install.

I then downloaded blender.uci from the testing extensions and mounted it. After rebooting, the menu (right-click) only shows xterm, Restart and Exit.

I found the menu file in .fluxbox and everything still seems to be there. Is there any way to fix this, or do I have to start all over?

Also, how do I get the .uci to mount automatically on booting?

Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 20 2005,21:05
If everything is still in /home/dsl/.fluxbox/menu then you're okay.  Fluxbox just has this weird thing where sometimes it does not succeed in loading the menu when it starts up...even does this is the newest devel versions.  Restart Fluxbox and it should be fine.
There is also a Fluxbox command "reconfig" or "reconfigure" that should reload the menu without having to restart the whole program.  This command doesn't work from a bash terminal, though.  In order to use it in Flux stable you'll need to create a hotkey for it.

Posted by ke4nt1 on Aug. 20 2005,21:08
Usually, that means something amiss with the menu syntax..

Try looking for a doubled [end] message somewhere near the middle
of the menu file..

As to loading at boottime..
Whatever partition has your /KNOPPIX /BOOT /LOST&FOUND directories,
place the .uci in the same partition.  It should load automatically.

[EDIT] Hi mikshaw..  \o


Posted by travis on Aug. 22 2005,16:32
I did find an extra [end], seemed to take care of it. thanks for the tips.
Posted by alfille on Aug. 23 2005,02:52
So how about a simple description of a frugal install, with desired entensions, that can be distributed as an iso.

In other word, I want to distribute DSL (in whatever form) with my entension included automatically. (This is an easy way to assure people that my program works, even if installation on a conventional distribution is hard).


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