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Topic: openoffice errors at boot time
started by: philemon_siclone

Posted by philemon_siclone on Aug. 21 2005,22:07
Hi everyone,

I just installed the openoffice uci on my usb key (I've put it in the base directory so it will be loaded everytime).
But it gives me this kind of messages on boot (I see them on the console, before x gets started) :

"tar: /home/dsl/oouser/registry/data/org/openoffice/Setup.xcu : cannot open file : file exists"

I get this message for nearly every file of oouser; whereas if I mount or unmount the uci using mydsl-load I do not get any messages (well, just one about a "locale" not being supported but that does not worry me too much).

It is not that big deal as openoffice works fine even after the ugly boot sequence, but has someone an idea about this ?


PS : Also, does someone know why the openoffice menu and icons don't use the same command-line ? the menu execute the applications as root (using "sudo") whereas the icon execute them as a normal user.

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