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started by: Conor

Posted by Conor on Aug. 21 2005,23:46
Ok I have three questions.  This is probably a repost so I am sorry.  If it helps I have a hard drive install.  

1) When I download and install programs/files with apt-get how can I open them later (where do they install to?)

2) Is there a tool to  install .tar.gz files because I am a n00b and do not understand compiling source into an install.  

3) Finally, how can I access files and items that are on a usb memory key.  (I use an hd install.)

Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 22 2005,02:16
1) deb files generally install into /usr.  The executables would be in /usr/bin, libraries in /usr/lib, and data files in /usr/share.  There may also be some configs added to /etc.  This isn't set in stone, but is the standard for precompiled packages.

2) As far as I know there is no tool to install programs from's a task done from the commandline, according to the instructions in README, or INSTALL (or maybe some other text file contained in the package).  Installing from source in DSL requires at least tcc (included in DSL), but can also be done with the gcc1.dsl extension.  You may also need to install from one to several dev packages depending on the program being installed.  There's no way to say here what else is depends entirely on the individual application being compiled.

3) I can't say from experience, since i've never used a USB disk of any kind, but i would assume you'd mount the drive in a similar way to mounting cdroms, floppies, and other removeable media.  The device is likely something like /dev/sda1

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