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Topic: upgrade firefox
started by: fokje

Posted by fokje on Aug. 22 2005,12:54
I did a HDinstall and now I'd like to upgrade firefox to 1.0 or higher so I can use the fullscreen-extension (http://extensionroom.mozdev.org/more-info/autohide). How would I go about that? Regular install ends with complaints about missing libraries, off course.
Thnx, Fok

Posted by adssse on Aug. 22 2005,13:33
Have you tried using apt-get? This is recommended for installing and managing programs for a hd install.

To get started download dsl package dsl_dpkg.dsl or apps->tools->enable apt
then in terminal
cd /etc/apt
using vi edit sources.list
put '#' infront of stable
remove '#' infront of testing
sudo su
apt-get update
then in order to install programs
apt-get install "name of program"

Posted by fokje on Aug. 23 2005,06:21
Good idea,
I'm trying that. But I'm behind a firewall here: so I put export http_proxy= and ftp_proxy= in /etc/bashrc. Does'nt work...anyone know how to get around this one?

Posted by fokje on Aug. 23 2005,09:41
never mind, I got it.
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