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started by: stapo

Posted by stapo on Aug. 26 2005,12:46

Apologies for reposting this as a new topic.

First off, as I am a new poster and new user of DSL I would like to first say that this program is awesome! It's truly amazing what can be done with such little space,

Secondly, the folks on these forums appear to be very helpful and patient with noobs, which is a pleasent surprise.

I am running 2 versions of DSL.

1) DSL booting from a USB-Zip install on a 253M USB drive, this is being used with a couple of different Laptops with builtin soundcards
2) Embedded DSL running within QEMU on a work laptop and a work desktop PC (Dell)

The problem I am having is with Skype. When I download the Skype Package from the myDSL page it launches ok and I can log in with my username ok but there is no sound - either on incoming calls or outgoing calls.

When I go into the options>headset tab the sound device is listed as dsp. If I try to change it to anything other than this (eg dsp1, dsp2) Skype won't even let me try to initiate a call so I suspect dsp is the correct sound device.

I know that DSL can cope with my sound card ok as it will play mp3s and will also record voice and play it back via Audacity.

I am suffereing the same problem on all setups.

There must be someone on here who is using Skype successfuly? If so, what did you need to do to make it work?

Do I need the ALSA dsl? If so how can I use this under the embedded version?

Thanks for any help.

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