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Topic: Make an iso with my app and DSL
started by: alfille

Posted by alfille on Aug. 30 2005,03:22
There are no end or tantalizing hints, but I haven't found the solution stated directly. Can some one help?

I've created an .uci application and want to post a DSL image that has dsl and my app on it.

I notice that the mydsl.iso has two directories:

Do I add my app there somewhere?

Thanks --


Posted by ke4nt1 on Aug. 30 2005,06:05
There is a utility in DSL called mkmydsl.
It's in the menu, " make myDSL CD remaster"

When you run the script, it asks for two premade directories.
i.e.   /mnt/whatever/master   /mnt/whatever/iso

Place your .uci in the /mnt/whatever/master, if you want
the app to be LOADED, and ready to run, after boot.

Place the .uci in a /mnt/whatever/master/whateverelse,
if you just want access to it on the CD.

Complete the script, and it makes a new .iso for you,
and places it in /mnt/whatever/iso .. It even offers to
burn your new .iso to a CD for you.


Posted by alfille on Aug. 30 2005,13:15
This is wonderfully helpful!

Let me ask further. There was a thread on adding kernel modules: "Topic: kernel module extensions, < Can an extension include a kernel module >"

The gist was that modules in the undocumented /modules directory would be autoloaded. Where does that "/modules" directory sit in the /master hierarchy?

Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 30 2005,13:38
I haven't used the script, and I didn't see anything in it relating to a modules directory, but I assume that putting a modules directory inside /mnt/whatever/master will work, since the ISO is created using the contents of this directory.  You should be able to add any number of files and directories to the root of the ISO this way.
Posted by alfille on Aug. 31 2005,00:20
It worked, though mkmydsl is slightly brocken with 2 CD drives.
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