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started by: dodolin

Posted by dodolin on Sep. 02 2005,00:34

As a new user to DSL since about a week I first like to say thank you to the DSL community. I really like it. My company was looking for a Linux live CD which would fit on a business card to add the Citrix ICA client and give it away to all our employees for remote access purposes. And DSL was the perfect solution to that, IMHO.

As I'm a big fan of giving back to the Open Source community, I'd like to make my work available for everyone. Check out this link: < >

I created a .deb package and a .dsl package of the latest Citrix ICA Client version 9.0 for Linux on x86. It's not perfect but "works for me". I guess it's not of much use to most of the DSL users as Citrix is commercial software, however I've seen a couple of posts here about the Citrix ICA client so I thought maybe at least someone could make use of it.

Feedback is welcome. Enjoy!

- Dominik

Posted by Max on Sep. 02 2005,17:59
Thank you VERY much Dominik.  Your dsl worked great for me.
Posted by neuromancer.sll on Sep. 07 2005,15:40
When I try to run his .dsl package with:

mydsl-load citrixica.dsl

I get the following error:

invalid gzip magic

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it, as getting this app is something I desperately need.

Posted by dodolin on Sep. 07 2005,17:20
mydsl-load citrixica.dsl

I get the following error:

invalid gzip magic

I used the deb2dsl script from the latest DSL version 1.4 to create this .dsl package from my .deb package. Do you also use this DSL version 1.4? My first guess would be that you somehow have another version of gzip on your system which is incompatible with the version I used to create the .dsl package.

Posted by Max on Sep. 07 2005,17:27
Try running Apps->Tools->Upgrade to GNU Utils
before you load the citrixica.dsl.  This basically loads gnu-utils.dsl for you.  I have it in the root of mydsl partition so it loads everytime.

By default, DSL uses the busybox version of gzip.  Loading gnu-utils load the "full" version.

Posted by ericschrauth on Sep. 10 2005,05:11
Tried to load it on my system and get "cannot allocate color"  Any clues?  Running on 1.5
Posted by hs7sv on Sep. 10 2005,07:44
ericsxhrauth, please check this:-

< >

Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 10 2005,11:33
or this link..

<; >


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