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started by: sputnik

Posted by sputnik on Sep. 02 2005,19:04
Hello All...I have been trying to prepare my own cd image with my programs.  The first step, of course is to be able to load with the default live cd and restore my configuration.  Most of the things (files and configuration) are in place after restore, except pptp-linux (a pptp vpn client).  On the filetools i included the directory /usr/sbin/pptp, and I can see it packed in backup.tar.gz, but it wont run or reinstall it when I restore/reboot.  What am I missing?


Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 02 2005,19:22
Here's my guess (never tested it):
Files in the base system (anything in /usr, /bin, /sbin, /lib) will not restore until the mkwriteable script has been run.  This can be done automatically by including a myDSL package with a ".dsl" extension in the root partition, or in a partition specified by the "mydsl=<device>" boot option.  You could build a mydsl extension from the program and it should do what you need.

The backup/restore system is mainly for backing up personal files and configurations....extra programs are typically loaded through the myDSL system or dpkg.

Posted by sputnik on Sep. 02 2005,19:49
how do i build a mydsl extension from the program??


Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 02 2005,19:56
< pdfdocs >
< Creating_a_Compressed_Extension_from_Source >

Posted by sputnik on Sep. 02 2005,20:58
You're da maaan! thanks!
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