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Topic: Abiword
started by: 74dart

Posted by 74dart on Sep. 03 2005,00:55
I've been able to succesfully create a bootable CD and I have been able to successfully create a bootable USB. However,

I can't get Abiword to come up in either version. I am able to install it as a myDsl extension and the icon displays on the desktop, but it won't run. The splash screen flashes up and thats it.

I have tried both versions of Abiword (GTK2, and DSL) and no luck.

I am trying to run it on an older Toshiba laptop (233 mhz pentium, 64 meg RAM).

When I boot my desktop (2.4 Ghz 512 meg) with the CD version, Abiword works like a champ. The problem only appears on the laptop.

I am using lang=US.

Is it a memory issue ? Any ideas ?

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