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Topic: New extensions for September
started by: ke4nt1

Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 04 2005,10:40
Here is a nice start to September's additions..

openoffice-2.0.uci (beta)
apache-2.0.54 (includes PHP-4.4.0 )

more to come..  
Enjoy the 3 day Labor Day Weekend.


Posted by adssse on Sep. 04 2005,13:43
Always great to have more extensions. It's like getting new toys when you were a kid.
Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 09 2005,07:24
Updated - 09/09/2005 - ke4nt

atmelusbdrivers.dsl - read info file!
atmelwlandrivers.dsl - read info file!

Test & feedback.


Posted by hs7sv on Sep. 11 2005,06:16

Thank you for your help for:-

- rebuilt PClock to run in /opt
- made a new menu for it, to show all the different clock faces from menu.

I like the menu in this way. It was very fun when I played around.

Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 13 2005,04:59
Updated - 09/12/2005 - ke4nt

There is a build of the patched naim in the mydsl_testing area of the repository.

Give it a go, and feedback..

The IRC portion doesn't want to logon to #damnsmalllinux as neatly
as it did before.  It seems to want a .naimrc file in /home/dsl,
as well as a naimlog.  I didn't want to put MY copies of these in the .uci..

Mine now works fine, after editing the .naimrc file.


Posted by jshaw on Sep. 14 2005,06:15

Thanks so much for the new OO.o extension.  It's great!


Posted by I went to bed very late on Oct. 03 2005,20:57
Does anyone know "OGLE"?

It seems to be fast enough to playback a DVD in fullscreen on a PII 233.
< >
(german language)

Would be great to have a faster playback on my slow p133 (without hardware accelaration -> Matrox Millenium :( )

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