how do i  add mydsl's?

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Topic: how do i  add mydsl's?
started by: iknownocoding

Posted by iknownocoding on Sep. 11 2005,04:23
i have only succesfully installed yahoo (it did it automaticly) how do i install them manuaely i hit the mydsl button and it says
tar: Invalid gzip magic
mv: unable to rename `/var/tmp/mydsl.icons/ymessenger.gif': Permission denied
mv: unable to rename `/var/tmp/mydsl.icons/ymessenger.lnk': Permission denied

what do i do (btw im trying to install vba.dsl)

plz also include the way to install other extentions


Posted by mstrhelix on Sep. 11 2005,05:18

mydsl-load package.dsl

in an xterm

Posted by iknownocoding on Sep. 11 2005,06:29
i did it said the same thing thanks for trying

anybody else or another suggestion

Posted by linux_gal on Sep. 15 2005,19:47
I did a non frugal installation to HD. Some ".dsl" extensions work and others
(.tar.gz) just don't go. Got the icons and all. Can I use the dsl-load for that also?
this is for a non networked computer in the backwoods, so whatever I get, has to be
downloaded and brought to it. It there some other script floating around to use?
Thanks very much!

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Sep. 16 2005,00:38
Posted by linux_gal on Sep. 16 2005,15:51
Well, I made my mastered CD... I had a few problems burning it
(strange IDE maybe) but the iso remained so I used it. Then after booting
the cd, I copied the pieces that were missing from my HD install. I'm sure I'll
discover a few things I missed, but for now, I'm a happy camper!
Still, I was hoping I'd find some magic script to use so I'd have a few extra
minutes at my favorite book of the moment.

I think a newbie would have been totally lost.

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