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started by: soultan

Posted by soultan on Sep. 11 2005,21:17
gretting linux gurus. i get error cdrom(my writter) not found in /etc/fstab or mtab
i hit the little h button ya''ll are so fond of found it looked at it but befor editing it I want to understand what "it(fstab and mtab)" function as.
any links to configuring my linux to be able to actually write to my writter using d3b
would be greatly appreciated. but for now accessing files from cdrom would be pretty sweet

Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 11 2005,21:44
My guess is that the command you tried was "mount cdrom", which isn't going to work.  Try "mount /dev/cdrom" or "mount /mnt/cdrom".

fstab is a table of filesystems available for you to mount.  It's not necessarily the *only* filesystems you can mount, but they are the ones that DSL found.  You can edit the file to add, remove, or modify filesystems.  Its main purpose, as far as i can tell, is to provide an easy way to mount filesystems without having to specify a device, mountpoint, filesystem type, and options every time you want to mount a certain device.

mtab displays filesystems which are currently mounted.

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