how to create a n alarm clock

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Topic: how to create a n alarm clock
started by: soultan

Posted by soultan on Sep. 12 2005,11:44
I'd like an alarm clock for my dsl install.
Granted there are probably some good ones out there that will work for dsl ( I havent found them*hinthint any one else?) I would like to learn how to write a program to do it in dsl-ian, any hints? Including already existing alarms?

Posted by clacker on Sep. 13 2005,02:59
This is as crude as you can get, so take it for what it's worth.  You can use the sleep command to basically pause for a period os time before executing the next command.  So if you made the following file called starmeup:

Code Sample
sleep 3600
echo "wake up!!!"

and then type chmod 777 startmeup.  Now when you type startmeup and the program is in your current path it will run the echo command in 3600 seconds (1 hour).

The more civilized approach is to use cron to run a job at a particular time.  DSL doesn't come with cron, but you can get it from debian.

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