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started by: adssse

Posted by adssse on Sep. 15 2005,01:25
I am having trouble using gcc1.dsl, there must be something i am missing. I keep getting the message 'tar: invalid tar magic'. I have tried via the mydsl button in emelfm and by the command line by 'mydsl-load gcc1.dsl'. I would appreciate any help and am sorry if this is something obvious. :)

Redownloaded and works fine, sorry to bother.

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Sep. 15 2005,04:42
Bad download.

Check the md5sums.

That's why they're there.


Posted by SpoiLeD on Sep. 16 2005,16:25

I'm new with mydsl, and i want to install gcc, but i cant find it in de mydsl installer.

Where did you get it adssse ?!
Or does somebody else knows this ?!

Thanks for your help

- SpoiLeD

Posted by adssse on Sep. 17 2005,04:35
Just download gcc1.dsl from here:
< http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub....m >
and enjoy!

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