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started by: frankseu

Posted by frankseu on Sep. 15 2005,09:45

i have a DSL 1.4 Multiuser HD install.

How can i make a DSL Extention (for eg. smbclient) available
for all users on the system (like an applikation installed by apt)
so they can see it after the next login ?

Thanks for help

Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 15 2005,11:36
I'd say probably 98.23% of myDSL applications install in places that are fully accessible to all users once installed.  The difference is that user dsl is the only one that 1) gets a desktop icon, 2) gets a command added to the fluxbox menu, and 3) gets configuration files (if necessary) copied into $HOME.  Due to the "keep it small and simple" nature of DSL, the myDSL packages are simply archives that extract into the system.  Therefore they have no way to know that you have added users, or to do anything about it even if they did know.

You can copy icons from /home/dsl/.xtdesktop, and menu lines from /home/dsl/.fluxbox/menu.  You may need to be root to do this, since the dot files in $HOME are often not readable by anyone but their owner.

Posted by frankseu on Sep. 15 2005,14:27
I see...

Let me think loud :

I will rename the useradd command to userad.dsl
Create a new useradd script which performes the normal useradd (now useradd.dsl) and then call a new script which looks (where ?) if there
are myDSL extentions and then walk trough the passwd file
and look for eacch user if the myDSL extention is installed (how to find out ?). In case no then do an su -username and install for that user (how to do that ?) . Also for root (Why sould root not have the applications ?) ?

Can one give me some hints/ideas on the above questions ?
What is your idea for a structured handling for the install of extentions :
1. download all the extentions all the time to /myDSL
2. then do the the above mentioned


Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 16 2005,00:55
sounds complicated =o)

As I said, all users have access to mydsl applications....the only difference is that icons and menu items are not automatically added for anyone but the default user (dsl).  Root doesn't need these things because it's generally considered a bad idea to run an X session as root.  Other users don't get them because there are no other users in a default DSL setup, but they can still access the programs from a terminal.

Rather than messing with scripts that have nothing to do with myDSL extensions, I'd recommend looking into the mydsl scripts.  I wouldn't feel confident explaining in this post any specific solutions, since i haven't explored the multiuser capabilities of DSL, and quite frankly i don't feel any motivation to look into it.  What I can say is that the mydsl scripts are pretty clearly written, and it shouldn't be too difficult to modify them to your needs.

Posted by frankseu on Sep. 16 2005,06:37

for principle i agree totaly with your arguments,
but still need as solution.
Many thanks for your hint with the
I think this will do the trick.

A haooy DSL user.

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