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started by: egistang

Posted by egistang on Sep. 15 2005,14:59
Where can I desable the user and pass when I restart the pc.

mvh.  Egil

Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 16 2005,01:25
I'm guessing you have a multi-user setup?  I can't really think of any reason to go with multiuser if you want to log in automatically, but that wasn't the question, so let's see....

One solution (and probably the easiest) might be to reinstall DSL and NOT choose multiuser.
Another is to look into /etc/inittab.  The default setup includes inittab and inittab.multi...i don't know if both are available in a multiuser system. It might be a simple matter of switching the filenames of those two files.  I'm guessing that you will be logged in as root if that works, though, so you might want to add "su - dsl" to /.bash_profile.
This is all just guessing as usual.

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