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Topic: uci's listed in "Install Optional Extensions" menu
started by: Max

Posted by Max on Sep. 13 2005,12:37
Is it possible to update the menu script to additionally have uci files that are stored in your optional directory show up in the menu with all the other dsl and tar.gz extensions??

As it is, you have to manually navigate there with emelfm everytime you want to load one.  Might be yet another nice <small> enhancement for the next release.

Much thanks...

Posted by hs7sv on Sep. 13 2005,14:25

I guess you are using DSL CD and pendrive with option mydsl=sda1. If yes, you should put .uci outside optional folder.  After booting, DSL will mount .uci under MyDSL menu for you.   :D

Posted by adssse on Sep. 13 2005,14:42
This applies to frugal installs as well. I dont think he wants to put them outside the  /optional folder, since this would automatically load them each time and I believe he just wants the option.
I have also noticed that .uci's under /optional are not in the optional menu. I am curious what the reason is for this. It is not really a big deal for me as I leave my system up for days or weeks at a time and just manually load them after I reboot. But agree it would be handy to have the menu item.

Posted by Max on Sep. 13 2005,14:44
Close... it's a frugal harddrive install.  And yes, I point mydsl to my "DSL" partition that has all my stuff on it.

I know what you are saying about putting the uci's in the root of the partition, but I don't want them all to autoload at boot time.  In the spirit of DSL, I'd like to have the option to load them when I want them.  That way I won't tie up all the cloops (supposedly there's a limit) and I won't clutter my desktop unnecessarily with icons I may not happen to be using during any particular session.

I'd just like the optional menu to work with uci's like it does with other extensions.

Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 13 2005,19:02
yeah...what max said.  dsl-config checks for *.dsl, *.tgz, and *.tar.gz in optional, but no *.uci.  My guess is either it was overlooked, or maybe there is some issue concerning optional uci that i can't see.

btw, current limit is 8.

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Sep. 13 2005,20:33
Nah, no issue.

It's just that actually mounting a .uci takes up less ram than putting it into the menu, from what I understand.

Put them in the root of the disk and let em mount.


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