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started by: Headly

Posted by Headly on Sep. 20 2005,01:41
Hi Everyone,

I ran a frugal install and followed the steps in a .pdf file I found here.  It went really well and all seemed to make sence.

I set the MYDSL= setting to point to the root of the second partation on my hard disk.  (/dev/hda2)

When I download extensions and put then in that folder (and reboot) nothing appears to happen.  I can load them manually from that location with out any problem.

How can I tell what the Frugal boot settings are?

Heaven forbid I made a typo  :)


Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 20 2005,01:56
it should work if you remove the "/dev" part, and use lowercase:

Posted by Headly on Sep. 20 2005,23:35
Where does it read this value from during boot up.
I don't need to put anything in at the boot prompt.

I'm sure this is in the documentation somewhere.
Please don't make me go read it :)


Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 21 2005,00:53
well...reading is a good way to learn.

Could you clarify what you're saying, just a little?  The init scripts (mostly knoppix-autoconfig and dsl-config) read these things from /proc/cmdline, which is created from the boot input.  This input is both the boot prompt and the options set in your bootloader.

Posted by Headly on Sep. 23 2005,05:28
Hi Milkshaw,

I think you answered my question.  I'm away from my DSL machine at the moment so I can't check it out right now.

Just for clarity and for the information of others who may be reading this....
When I ran the frugal install I was prompted for answers that I would for a livecd system type in at the Boot: prompt.  (I don't think I see the boot prompt any more). I was wondering where the frugal install thingy had stored these values so I could go and see if I had made any mistakes and fixem up.

So from what you have said it looks like the place to look is /proc/cmdline.

BTW :)
I was only joking about the read the manual thing.  I always try and find the answers to my questions by reading (or at least searching) before I ask a question.  I only put that there because I was fealing a little guilty about not searching too hard for an answer before asking a question.  I guess I'm just keen to get gpsdrive up and running on DSL.

Thanks so much for your help with this.
If I manage to get this into any kind of reasonably safe state I'll look into posting it up here for others to use.


Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 23 2005,05:34
The boot options that are set during installation are added to your bootloader's config file. /proc/cmdline is created during the boot process and is apparently nothing that the user can edit.

If you're using lilo the options are set in lilo.conf, and if you are using grub they are in menu.lst.  I think in either case the file is found in the boot directory on the same partition as DSL

Posted by Headly on Sep. 25 2005,00:18
Hello Again,
I checked out /proc/cmdline and I did find an error in there.
The very last thing on the line is myd so it looks to me like the line has been cut off some how. (or perhaps I just stopped typing :) )

I am using lilo so I went and found lilo.conf.
I found a link to lilo.conf  /etc.  I checked the contents of the file and it seems very different to /proc/cmdline and I couldn't see any of my boot options in there.  

I'll keep looking.  But I'm still open to sugestions.


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