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Topic: Can't find KNOPPIX filesystem
started by: Anshik

Posted by Anshik on Aug. 21 2006,12:27
I'm trying boot from usb, on EPIA. And I see follow message:

Can't find KNOPPIX filesystem, sorry.
Drpping you to a (very limited) shell.
Press restart button to quit.

this is usb drive dir:

Directory of F:\

21.06.06  00:34             2 048
20.05.05  00:22               119 boot.msg
17.08.05  20:34             1 592 f2
05.06.06  21:38             1 595 f3
25.07.04  12:13               256 german.kbd
03.05.04  09:00               391 index.html
21.06.06  00:34    <DIR>          KNOPPIX
01.06.05  00:54           994 807 linux24
13.06.05  18:02            33 780 logo.16
07.08.04  04:16    <DIR>          lost+found
24.03.06  22:47           803 325 minirt24.gz
16.06.06  17:44             9 404 syslinux.bin
16.06.06  17:34             2 452 syslinux.cfg
21.08.06  15:30    <DIR>          temp

file system locate in DIR "KNOPPIX"?
Help me please.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Aug. 21 2006,19:39
There should be a KNOPPIX file within the KNOPPIX folder.
If there is, I guess you could try the fromhd=/dev/sdXx bootcode

Posted by nutpants on Sep. 17 2006,06:32
I have the same issue booting from a "aztex" 256mg flash drive.
have tried most everything and still it will not boot farther.

and help in how to define where the bootloader should look for the KNOPPIX filesystem...



Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 17 2006,18:50
You can also try fromusb,
and/or experiment with the power options perhaps

Also make sure that your system supports either usb-hdd or a usb-zip (and utilize the correct one)

Posted by Anshik on Sep. 20 2006,11:47
I use the dsl-3.1RC1.iso image.
I'm trying make as wrote in FAQ:

In the Fluxbox menu, go Apps >> Tools >> Install to USB Pendrive and choose either USB-ZIP emulation or USB-HDD emulation, depending on what is supported by your computer's bios.

In the beginning usb-flash (512) is partitioning, then formatting, making /dev/sdb1&/dev/sdb2

then it makes boot loader, boot image
and setting up system image:

cp: writing `mnt/pendrive/KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX: No space left on device
1 write faild

Usb installation has been completed.

imho usbpen not boots, because system image not full.

Posted by Anshik on Sep. 20 2006,11:50
at the stage of partitioning, the /dev/sdb1 makes too small. How to change the script? Or another decide this problem?
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 20 2006,13:05
Hm, that's odd - what are the current partition dimensions of the usb pendrive?

I think the script is supposed to allocate the required space, but you could either change the script to allow more space or comment those lines out, and size it up yourself manually before running it.

Posted by Anshik on Sep. 20 2006,13:18
I've just done it :)

The file /KNOPPIX/etc/skel/.fluxbox/menu configures the FluxBox menus.  In there I found the script that is run when you select install to usb zip/hdd from the APPS menu, so you can perform the install without having X11 (ctl-alt-bsp).

$ sudo su

in line 151 was:
mkdiskimage -1 /dev/$DEVICE 50 64 32

now: mkdiskimage -1 /dev/$DEVICE 60 64 32

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 20 2006,15:30
Ah, were you using one of those RC's?  If I remember, they were temporarily over 50mb, and I guess the script wasn't changed for that.

Good post for others who are looking to do this, though :)

Posted by Anshik on Sep. 25 2006,08:22
please help, i have change the one time.
I dont remember that was /KNOPPIX/usr/sbin/ or /usr/sbin/

And linux writes that it's a read-only system!

Posted by Anshik on Sep. 25 2006,08:43
Quote (Anshik @ Sep. 25 2006,07:22)
please help, i have change the one time.
I dont remember that was /KNOPPIX/usr/sbin/ or /usr/sbin/

And linux writes that it's a read-only system!

very strange, on other DSL linux version all good.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 25 2006,14:13
Upon boot, /usr is symlinked from /KNOPPIX - which is RO, essentially the same file.  You can either copy that to a rw part (i.e. /tmp or ~/) or load a dsl file (that will run mkwriteable which will copy the contents into ramdisk).

very strange, on other DSL linux version all good.
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Maybe you already loaded a dsl file on those, or it was originally placed on the ramdisk already.

Posted by pmisch on Sep. 27 2006,11:11
Had the same problem with my VIA-Nano. BIOS doesnet recognize USB-HDD-Pendrive installation.
So I used:
Install to usb_ZIP Pendrive.
This workes always.


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