System halt while "Checking for USB.."

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Topic: System halt while "Checking for USB.."
started by: Errow

Posted by Errow on Sep. 23 2006,11:10
Hi. I have some strange error on one of my computers. While botting from USB everything goes OK until "Checking for USB..". After this system halts. (And flash light turns off)
What can I do?

Posted by humpty on Sep. 25 2006,16:32
you can try checking your bios, see if any options will change the behavior of usb ports.
Posted by pmisch on Sep. 27 2006,11:04
Had the same Problem. Solved it.

Try the  a[]ernative method for USB-Install, which is called install to usb_ZIP Pendrive.
This works on most BIOS.

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