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started by: Bosca

Posted by Bosca on Oct. 25 2006,12:27
I installed DSL on my pen drive, and it finally works.
But I can't save my files on the usb drive. I read smoe where maybe I can write on it only from root. Is there any faster way to save directly my file on the pen drive?

another question. I find in my pen drive a file called hard disk with 60 mb: what is it ? if I save my file on the ram disk, does they go there ?

thank you very much...

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Oct. 25 2006,14:59
How are you running it off your pendrive? Using qemu?

The hard disk image is for qemu.  It's hdb by default - not your ramdisk.

Posted by Bosca on Oct. 25 2006,17:41
Sorry, I don't understand.... In only insert my pen drive e turn on the pc. I don't know how does it work qemu.
I only want to write on my usb pen drive...


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Oct. 25 2006,20:02
Okay, then you don't need to worry about qemu.  In fact if you don't plan on using it, you can safely delete its related data - if you want to.

Whatever is in the ramdisk is lost upon reboot, so saving them there won't help you much.

If you have more than one paritition on your pendrive, or more space on the current one where DSL resides, you can save em there.  (see /cdrom or /mnt/sdXx [if mounted] )

Being root just gives you 'admin' priveleges.

Posted by humpty on Oct. 25 2006,21:40
Yeh, I still can't find an easy way to write to the single usb-partition that dsl boots from. Either it's read-only or only writeable as root (need to change user to root all the time). This is a hassle for newbies, which is why I still use the reversed-usb-zip type installation (2 partitions that seperates the knoppix image nicely).
If anyone has the solution to this, that would be great.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Oct. 25 2006,22:33
Having devices only mountable as root is a security precaution I suppose...  user 'dsl' has sudo access anyways so I don't see any problem.  This isn't just for usb partitions in particular either.  However, you can create a directory that's owned by user 'dsl' i.e. in /cdrom - or another point that is already mounted writeable by root (depending on setup).

Also, what exactly is a "reversed-usb-zip type installation"? usb-hdd?

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