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started by: madmarvcr

Posted by madmarvcr on Nov. 23 2006,20:39
I am running DSL for a USB stick and I want to use the FAT32 Hard drive to place a DOS swapfile. I used the Setup DOS swapfile utility and it created a KNOPPIX.SWP on /dev/hda1.

but nothing happens, the Swap Used stills shows 0/0%

How do I turn on the DOS swapfile?

Posted by madmarvcr on Nov. 23 2006,20:51
I should learn to use search better

I found it in "Other Topics"

as root

mount /dev/hda1
swapon /mnt/hda1/knoppix.swp

Posted by roberts on Nov. 24 2006,02:35
In the latest RC of dsl v3.1 we now offer a boot option  dosswapfile
See change log

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