How do I keep my DSL apps?

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Topic: How do I keep my DSL apps?
started by: Monsuco

Posted by Monsuco on Nov. 25 2006,07:10
Ok, I tried installing abiword, and it installed fine, but when I shut DSL down it brought up a menu with some options, but I think I did the wrong thing because it lost it. How do I make it so that if I change anything or install anything it will save changes back to my flash drive when I am done?
Posted by humpty on Nov. 28 2006,20:23
the dsl extensions have to be saved to physical media, e.g hard-drive or usb-drive.
if you boot from cd-rom, you need to enter a boot option e.g mydsl=/dev/hda1 where dsl will look for them and auto load them.

Posted by roberts on Nov. 28 2006,20:36
The answer depends on how you boot your pendrive.
If you booted DSL using "toram" then no physical drive is mounted. not even your pendrive.
If you boot without the "toram" your pendrive is mounted under /cdrom and as root just copy them to /cdrom.
If you have used 'toram" and you want them on the pendrive, then mount the pendrive and copy them there.

Posted by shane on Dec. 10 2006,16:28
This happened me, the easiest way to solve it is to partition your usb stick into 2 parts, put the backup.tar.gz in the second and also create a folder called /mydsl in the second partition also. Copy all mydsl apps form /tmp to the /mydsl on the other partition. Then they will be automatically "mounted" at boot time. This worked for me. I had to do this because I couldn't boot "toram" the only option that works is "expert", dsl has always been that way on my laptop, if i choose any other option, or no option the screen is left blank. If i boot from any other computer i can choose any option without problem, only the laptop has to be booted this way, any solutions anyone???
Posted by roberts on Dec. 10 2006,16:57
The use of the directory (folder) /mydsl is the easiest method.
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