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started by: pethun

Posted by pethun on Nov. 30 2006,23:52
Hi all,

My new 1 Gig Verbatim USB memory stick show up as an USB hard drive in Bios and then my computer cant boot on it. I followed the instruction described in this forum to set up both my new Verbatim memory and an older Handy Sieno 250 Mb. The older shows up as a removable USB device and works fine booting up DSL but the Verbatim doesnt boot and are stated in in bios as USB hard drive.

I tried to run syslinux -f switch on the Verbatim but it didnt work either?

Anyone who has a solution. The working USB stick isnt mine and therfore I try to  find a solution. Mayby a BIOS Problem?

Posted by pethun on Dec. 02 2006,15:54
Hi Again,

I managed to solve it myself and I thought maybe good ide to put up the solution.

The BIOS I have in the computer is American Megatrends Inc. v. 02.57. I had to enable the Legacy USB support under USB config and also put the USB HDD to be the first in the boot order. Now it works!!

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