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started by: willemlvanderpoel

Posted by willemlvanderpoel on Feb. 05 2007,11:14
I am an old user of DSL. Just looked into DSL-N. Looks nice. I loaded it to a USB stick. All works fine. Loaded a few extra's from MyDSL such as my
own keyboard driver and my own small editor and also the redirected mirror, using stay intact after reboot. This programs reappear
nicely on reboot of sda1. I also loaded firefox*uci . This one will not reappear
on the reboot. under the heading Appl, MyDSL. Tried to save the .uci file in
temp together with firefox executable but I don't know how to reinstall an
.uci file. The item contains a reference to firefox. How exactly does the uci type of install work?  A minimal manual on this would help

Another question, perhaps not quite belonging to this topic is:
My old beloved DOSBOX from previous versions of DSL do not work
under DSL-N. Some lib files are missing. Where can I get these?
Willem van der Poel
A very old hand in computing

Posted by mikshaw on Feb. 05 2007,14:10
A uci package is mounted rather than extracted into the file system.  If you have the mydsl packages all in the same place where *some* of them install automatically, they should *all* install automatically, regardless of their type.
A uci package can be added like any other, using the "mydsl-load filename" command. Using this command a second time will umont the uci package.

I'm guessing there is a problem with the DSL-N version you have, you're using a persistent /opt and the apps are not actually auto-loading, or you have a traditional debian-style install on your stick (not the best idea).

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