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started by: lyndle

Posted by lyndle on Feb. 16 2007,05:42
Got DSL on my 512mb PNY attache drive, got it to boot from it, but when it starts to scan the USB devices, I get this error:

usb.c : USB device not accepting new address=3 (error=110)

then it lists two more things about device not being claimed by drivers or something. I went to my school and tried it on one of their pcs and it loads/runs fine. Any ideas? I thought it might have been my USB mouse/keyboard but I dug out my ps/2 ones and still the same message.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 16 2007,16:50
Did you try other usb ports on your computer? (ie use your back ones on your mobo, rather than front ones)

Maybe you need to change some settings in your bios?

Posted by lyndle on Feb. 16 2007,21:23
First thing i tried, haha. Tried each port too, still gives the same error. i'll goof around in cmos to see what i can find. ty for the advice.

any other suggestions?

Posted by Genecks on Feb. 20 2007,02:22
Seems like a hardware problem and how people are given their homes in the socialist community. Perhaps it won't be given a home because your BIOS is snooty.

1) It's probably your motherboard
2) Or your bios
3) Or your USB ports

Putting it in a hub or the box itself?

Posted by Genecks on Feb. 20 2007,03:57
Hmm, I actually received the same problem.

I was on a new desktop computer today, and it didn't give me any of these problems. Also, I was on an old Win ME computer from 2001 or so today.  The desktops worked well.

However, I tried booting from a cd, using "dsl fromusb" in the command box, and I received the same errors. Also, I was using a laptop.

This might pertain to laptops, but I'm not sure. It could have something to do with DSL itself. I figure the usbdrive couldn't find an address to attach itself to; therefore, it couldn't load properly.

I don't know exactly what the cause of the problem is unless I crack open a few computer science books. I do know my laptop is faster than the first few desktop computers I used. I'm using an eMachines m6811 laptop. People can get the specifications for that if they like.

I'm thinking it has to do with the interaction between DSL and the motherboard/whatever-else.

It boots fine from the Live-cd, but not the 512MB sandisk cruzer when using the laptop.

< > :cool:

Seems to be a problem with the kernel, the way DSL loads, and maybe some other things. At least that's the gist of it. I figure it has something to do with the motherboard, too.

It seems as though it's one of those problems where a person needs to learn linux and coding to actually fix it. I'd say its a bug, in my humble opinion.  :laugh:

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 20 2007,17:36
From those links, it looks like that's just a kernel workaround for a bad bios.

If you can, try to change the assignment of irqs for your usb port(s).

If not, you could always test out those patches by recompiling the kernel.

Posted by Genecks on Feb. 20 2007,23:47
I know a little bit about IRQs, but how does someone change the IRQs for DSLinux?

Also, what's the best way to start patching the kernel?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 21 2007,22:58
Your BIOS is system-specific, and needs to be configured before you boot into dsl.

Check out some kernel recompiling threads if you haven't done it before.

Posted by Genecks on Feb. 22 2007,04:34
Is the root of the USB problems in this thread caused by DSLinux using the older kernel instead of the newer kernel?
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