Restoring backup files from /mnt/hdb

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Topic: Restoring backup files from /mnt/hdb
started by: bumr055

Posted by bumr055 on Feb. 23 2007,00:21
ok i tried to install java and restarted my system after i couldn't figure it out... and it starts loading until it gets to "Restoring backup files from /mnt/hdb" and it just sits at that screen forever.

is there a way i could fix this... it is possible for me to access the device through win xp....

Thanks, bumross

Posted by bumr055 on Feb. 23 2007,01:37
ok, i just ended up redownloading dsl and now when i go to reboot, shutdown, switch to jwm and all that.... i get:
/usr/x11r6/bin/startx: line 66: xauth: command not found

also, when i download amsn i cant open applications after and cant open realy anything.

EDIT:i have all my old files backed up... so what ever one is easer to fix....  i prefer the first one because i have all my stuff on that one.

Posted by humpty on Feb. 25 2007,07:17
corrupt download ?
md5sum <filename> should match with the one posted on the mirror.

Posted by roberts on Feb. 25 2007,15:34
hdb? Could also be a Qemu virtual hard drive exceeded capacity.
Is this yet another Qemu?

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