1 gigabyte usb drive  (how to install dsl on it?)

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Topic: 1 gigabyte usb drive  (how to install dsl on it?)
started by: Crusiatus_Black

Posted by Crusiatus_Black on Feb. 27 2007,12:05
hi there, i got a 1 gigabyte usb drive, and i want to install damn small linux on it, i tried more then alotta ways... but it won't work...

i'm from holland so please don't use verry difficult english words :D


oh by the way, i downloaded the * .iso and i dont know what to do next anymore... :p

Posted by Crusiatus_Black on Feb. 27 2007,15:43
its for my company but i need help soon, can anyone explain how to install it to a usb device?
Posted by roberts on Feb. 27 2007,16:15
Can you boot from the DSL CD?

Have you tried the pendrive install scripts when you boot the DSL CD like this:

boot:  install

What does your target computer BIOS support for booting from a USB device? USB-ZIP or USB-HDD or ???

Posted by Crusiatus_Black on Feb. 27 2007,19:17
howto use the bootscripts? cos according to linux, i'm a noob! xD;)
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 27 2007,19:41
See < http://damnsmalllinux.org/wiki/index.php/Cheat_Codes#Other_boot_labels >
Posted by Crusiatus_Black on Feb. 27 2007,20:19
i booted DSL from cd now, and i know where i can find the >install linux to pendrive< thingy... and i know that i need the usb hdd, but how the hack should i know either its sda1 or sda2 or sda3 or whatever...?

help please?:P

Posted by humpty on Mar. 01 2007,20:23
boot dsl (don't plug in your usb pen yet)
open emelfm filemanager
enter /mnt into one of the text boxes
you will find a list of mountpoints
plug in you usb pen and wait 20 secs
you will find a new mount point appears
that is your usb pen

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