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started by: thebigguyconnor

Posted by thebigguyconnor on Mar. 05 2007,21:59
Hi, i know i'm a newbie, and that i don't know that much about dsl (i'm a little more used to ubuntu), but when i installed dsl on a usb flash drive (Kingston DataTraveler 2.0 w. 1 g memory) it shrunk to 50 megs and now i cant save any files on it it's so small.  I think it has something to do with that dsl changed the ufd's image that says how big it is so now it is really hard to use.  I've tried reformatting it a few times, but that won't work.
Posted by mikshaw on Mar. 05 2007,22:04
There are now two partitions on that device. The first 50mb partition was created for the DSL image and the rest is for storage. You will need to mount the second partition in Linux/Mac in order to use it (Windows cannot see multiple partitions on a flash drive).

Formatting will not change a partition table...it merely wipes on the data on a specified partition.

Posted by thebigguyconnor on Mar. 05 2007,22:57
thanks.  i thought it would wipe the whole thing!  i'll try doing it of a dsl lcd (lol).
Posted by humpty on Mar. 06 2007,15:34
the other usb install method (i.e usb-hdd) will restore the drive to one partition. (although i still recommend you stay with 2 partitions).
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