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started by: wofl

Posted by wofl on April 05 2007,02:34
hi guys

i wanted to install dsl on my usb stick. it is 65 mb in size. not to do this, i booted into the live cd and rightcilcked -> apps -> tools -> install to usb -> usb-hdd install. i tried the zip install, but got the same error...

is there anything i can do?

i tried to caompare the live cd and the usb drive, and i noticed that all the files that are on the cd in the folder /boot/isolinux are now in the root directory /
isolinux.cfg is now named syslinux.cfg, and there is also a ldlinux.sys. there is also no index.html file

Posted by Divago on April 19 2007,09:26
Dunno if this is same problem; btw...
i followed < this > instruction to make a usb pen to usb-boot dsl in a pc

i turn on the pc, i say it to start from USB. then syslinux (3.11) say me:
"could not find kernel image: linux"

i tried with cheat code (i found it < here >)
but it say me
"could not find kernel image: dsl" :\

Posted by Juanito on April 19 2007,10:04
Quote (wofl @ April 05 2007,02:34)
...but got the same error...

is there anything i can do?

Maybe - but in order to be able to help, you will need to give some more details.

For example, what did the error message say? Did you get the error message when trying to create the boot files on USB or when trying to boot from USB?

Posted by wofl on April 20 2007,00:49
i also got "could not find kernel image: linux"

and it happened when i booted, the copy process was fine (i guess)

i started dsl and selected install to usb, then i said yes a few times and went away, when i came back it said something like complete and told me to hit enter to close the window.

did that, rebooted and got error...

Posted by Eddy Dean on July 03 2007,17:21
I am having the same problem. I don't think it's an DSL problem though, as installing GRUB to the pendrive will also return an error when booting (harddrive error).
Maybe the pendrive is not supported? (Apacer 1GB, USB 2)
I'd love to get DSL running from the thumbdrive. I am sure the kernel is allright, it works fine embedded.
I follow the wiki instructions from Windows (don't have Linux available atm, just FreeBSD).

Posted by Juanito on July 07 2007,15:57
How are you trying to install DSL to the USB stick, from a CD boot?
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