Neo Magic Soundcard puts DSL on strike

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Topic: Neo Magic Soundcard puts DSL on strike
started by: cyber_bushi

Posted by cyber_bushi on May 03 2007,05:06
Hey guys,

I just tried to install dsl on my hp omnibook but it always hangs on hardware detection when it comes to the soundcard. I had trouble before, installing linux, but usually it just installed without hanging up. I tried to deactivate the soundcard in bios, but it didn't help. Then I tried to boot with failsafe - that worked but then i just get the root promt and don't know what to do.
Any help? Please?



p.s. now i posted in the wrong section and don't know how to change it - should be in harddisk install :( sorry

Posted by Juanito on May 03 2007,07:24
You could try booting with the "nosound" boot code and see if your sound card is causing the problem.
Posted by cyber_bushi on May 03 2007,10:14
Muchas gracias, juanito! I tried the "dsl nosound" option but now it hangs at "Mouse is Generic Mouse (PS/2) at /dev/psaux"
That's the last line at the boot process, that I get... then it stops... :(
Any clues?

hasta pronto,


Posted by curaga on May 03 2007,14:49
Try "install failsafe"
Then you'll get an install menu...

Posted by cyber_bushi on May 03 2007,18:54
Thanks curaga, but same problem:
at devices autoconfig:
"Mouse is Generic Mouse (PS/2) at /dev/psaux" is the last thing that gets written and then it hangs... :(

Posted by curaga on May 04 2007,15:16
I also got an omnibook.. Had no problems with DSl..

Then just boot with failsafe - when you get to that root prompt, make your partitions with cfdisk,
format 'em, type dsl-hd and press tab ('cause I don't remember the actual installer name)...

Posted by cyber_bushi on May 16 2007,09:23
could anyone recommend me another slim linux distro that doesn't hang like this? I already got xubuntu installed, but unfortunately it is too slow for my notebook :(

regards, cb

Posted by cyber_bushi on May 16 2007,09:24
thanks for your patience curaga, sorry - didn't see your post before.. will do what you recommended. Thanks in advance!


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