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started by: ceco108

Posted by ceco108 on July 13 2007,21:56
Hello all,

I have a problem booting from my 1GB usb drive.
cfdisked the USB ---> 768M - Linux - bootable -primary
cfdisked the USB ---> 256M - Linux Swap - secondary
install to USB hardrive /dev/sda1 ---> went fine I thought
rebooted -- BIOS finds USB but not and OS
I cd boot with dsl fromhd=/dev/sda1 and it loads from the usb fine but will not bootup without the cd

Am I miss some steps in configuring the system first the first boot

Posted by roberts on July 13 2007,22:30
If you are saying that it cannot find the KNOPPIX image and drops to a limted shell, then you might want to try the initrd edition of DSL.
Although the installation scripts do not support this edition, you can copy over the new minirt24.gz onto your pendrive and try it. Using this edition eliminates the search for the knoppix image.

The initrd edition boots from its isolinux cdrom, pendrives, and frugal type installations. Note that this edition requires more ram than the regular editions of DSL.

Posted by ceco108 on July 13 2007,22:52
the bios finds the usb stick but not knoppix. the boot process stops and I have to cd boot with the dsl fromhd=sda1, which reads the usb stick and comes up. I do not know the boot process well enough to express what is actually happening or not happening. Did I format the usb right, should I have more partitions, like a 64M first, 640M /home & /opt, and a 256M swap.


Posted by ceco108 on July 13 2007,23:57
I downloaded the initrc.ios distro, where can I find an install doc
Posted by curaga on July 14 2007,06:53
maybe your thinkpad has a buggy bios with usb booting.. that's very common.
try usb-zip install instead?

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