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Topic: saving settings?
started by: abnorm999

Posted by abnorm999 on July 29 2007,20:00
ok im using dsl on a pendrive..ive pretty much got it figured ive noticed that when i go to websites and then restart the computer the history is still there...however when i change my background from the penguin to a misfits skull and restart my computer the background goes back to default (picture is still saved in /home/dsl/.fluxbox/backgrounds but must be re-set as background) why are some things saved while others arnt? how can i make my background stick? i tired the "mkdir -p /mnt/sda1/home" command but it didnt work...can someone help me with this? thanks
Posted by lucky13 on July 29 2007,21:46
Are you using the wallpaper.lua tool? Are you selecting a background or saving it?
Posted by abnorm999 on July 29 2007,23:12
ive ever heard of the wallpaper.lau tool so im guessing im just selecting a background...where can i find this utility?
Posted by lucky13 on July 30 2007,05:04
In the menu. Or you can launch it from aterm:

Posted by abnorm999 on July 30 2007,06:52
haha uh yeah im a car mechanic and untill a week ago when my hard drive took a s*it i didnt even know what a live-cd now im just getting into linux (puppy, DSL and ubuntu) and im seriously considering switching to linux once i get a new drive (getting sick of the crashes and updates with XP) but i still dont really know what im doing so please forgive the stupid questions

where is the menu you are talking about and what is aterm? i dont see anything called wallpaper.lau anywhere

bascally what i did was download an image off google.. and then went to desktop --> wallpapers    to the "DSL background selector"  and clicked said "displays images in the standard fluxbox locations..." so then i went Emelfn file manger and transfered the image to "/home/dsl/.fluxbox/backgrounds" then restarted the background selector application and then selected my saved image..but like i said DSL seems to save all my settings except the background once i restart...image is still in the "/home/dsl/.fluxbox/backgrounds location but is not applied to the background

thank you for your help...

Posted by lucky13 on July 30 2007,13:01
then went to desktop --> wallpapers

That's it. It should save your setting.

Posted by abnorm999 on July 30 2007,20:18
eh it dosent..the background looks like TV static on restart and i have to go back to the wallapaer program to set it again. maybe it has something to do with the fact that the image didnt come with the origional DSL program?
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on July 30 2007,23:28
did you try adding it to .filetool.lst ?
Posted by abnorm999 on July 31 2007,03:40
no what is that? again sorry for the stupid questions im new to this..
Posted by abnorm999 on Aug. 01 2007,02:36
nevermind i figured it out...i have no idea what i did but it works . DSL can be very easy to use but at the same time very confusing for a beginner. I  like it though and it definately saved my ass when my hard drive burned out. thanks programmer dudes :)
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