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started by: hvdmerwe

Posted by hvdmerwe on July 30 2007,08:26
After trying to get the USB booting faster by using the initrd version of DSL (loading the initrd and KNOPPIX file in RAM), Im now back again to the "standard" embedded version.  Just feels faster to mount the KNOPPIX filesystem that loading it into RAM from slow USB motherboards.

My problem is that after Kernel and minirt24 loads and linuxrc starts executing, the USB stick dies (light go out) and never returns.  With some BIOSes I have to power cycle the motherboard to get it working again!!
I pass the "fromusb" param and see the usbcore etc modules loaded, but because the stick is dead I just end up with the "Cant find KNOPPIX file" error.
If Im lucky I can, while linuxrc script detects USB devices, unplug and re-connect the stick to get it working again - it finds filesystem on /dev/sda1 and it boots fine.  But this rarely works.

So, are the usb modules broken? It seems to die when the usb modules are loaded (I think).

How can I debug further?

Posted by curaga on July 30 2007,09:52
There might be some complication with the mobo, or the stick is close to breaking..
Posted by hvdmerwe on July 30 2007,09:58
Im trying now on diff motherboard and diff stick - still same behavior.
It does go through without hitch about 1 in 10 times I try.  Timing of USB maybe?
I see the minird usb modules are diff than the ones in KNOPPIX file?

Posted by hvdmerwe on July 30 2007,11:06
Prob faulty mobo or stick, I now get read errors on access of cloop-ed KNOPPIX image.
Posted by hvdmerwe on July 30 2007,11:37
This is really freaky - new mobo, new stick - linuxrc picks up stick every 1 in 8 times (roughly).


Posted by hvdmerwe on July 30 2007,13:49
Ok, update, for those who are still reading.

After ripping apart linuxrc, I found that if I only allow usbcore.o usb-ohci.o and usb-storage.o to load it works.  Well I need to boot a bit more, but so far 6 boots successful and counting.

Any ideas?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on July 30 2007,15:47
Conflicting modules perhaps?  If you could narrow it down to the few (maybe only one) that's causing problems, that would help.

Maybe this is also another problem that causes usb-booting problems for other users.  And then perhaps adding a cheatcode (or maybe modifying the defaults outright) to the boot system would make things better.

Posted by roberts on July 30 2007,18:33
Sounds like a timing issue. A user had submitted the waitusb option. It is a boot option that you might try. I have no way to test it. Don't know if it really helps.

Another option is to use the dedicated usb minirt24,gz from the bootfloppy-usb.img

Also, did you use syslinux -s or syslinux -ma options when you did the initial setup? Might want to try this as well.

Posted by hvdmerwe on July 31 2007,07:45
Didn't know that img had a special USB linuxc script - thanks - this will help alot.
Why is this not on the wiki at "installing to USB"?

Will try a bit more with diff sticks and motherboards and report back.  There is definitely some timing issue lurking.

Posted by hvdmerwe on July 31 2007,13:36
Same issue with minirt24.gz on bootfloppy-usb.img.

The problem module is "ehci-hcd.o".  When I include it it kills the USB stick at insmodding (but not always, so probably a timing issue).
And waitusb didnt do much.
As I understand this is the USB2.0 host controller driver.  So leaving it out should be fine for most hardware out there?

Posted by roberts on July 31 2007,23:55
ehci-hcd.o is indeed usb 2.0 of which I am presently using and use on a daily basis. Would not consider to remove only only have the much slower usb 1.1 speed.

If you are inside minirt24,gz, then I might suggest to replace the waitusb code with a simple sleep command. Perhaps allowing time to register?

Have you done the other typical things like enabling usb keyboard even if not using one?

Posted by hvdmerwe on Aug. 01 2007,07:50
The minirt24.gz in the bootfloppy-usb.img does not have waitusb code - where should I sleep? before loading modules or after?

Yes, I have tried all the possible BIOS settings - usb keyboard etc.

Posted by roberts on Aug. 01 2007,13:12
After, The concept is allowing time for the module to register.
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